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Let’s face it you need Chika. Chika is a very knowledgeable and efficient. She uses online tools to make everything streamlined and organized. Thought hiring an accountant was too expensive but Chika did her due diligence and got me a great return that was well worth her fee. Will definitely hire the CPA again.



I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have found such a brilliant cpa! I am an independent contractor with complicated taxes. Chika is heaven sent.


I found her online, mer her in a coffee shop, and she has been taking my money for the past 4 years…lol. Chika came along at a time I was in desperate need of tax help. Tired of trying to figure it out on my own, and using programs like TurboTax (which got me audited and fined fro incorrect filing despite doing everything it said do), I was in need of change. I found Chika on the States site for CPA’s. After a face to face, we hit it off and she has been doing her taxes for a couple of years now as well. I am more than pleased with her tax services and will be utilizing her until she chooses to stop taking my money…lol. I would recommend her to any and everyone. Hopefully you have found this helpful.


…she was professional, efficient and smart…Chika makes things run smoothly.


Chika is the absolute best! Working with her was such a breeze.