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I’m Chika Obih

I teach women entrepreneurs how to get smarter about their taxes so they can make money-generating business decisions with confidence. Because I know confusion can kill profits, I’m on a mission to empower women to maximize their bottom lines, leaving them with more income to invest, create a life of freedom and build an everlasting legacy. 


“Very professional, very easy to work with, extremely tech savvy”

I highly recommend her, she’ll make sure everything is right and is willing to do the extra work.

– K.C.

“Let’s face it you need Chika. Chika is very knowledgeable and efficient”

She uses online tools to make everything streamlined and organized. Thought hiring an accountant was too expensive but Chika did her due diligence… was well worth her fee.

– Chris

“Chika is extremely professional and well rounded.”

She is also very personable and has a great spirit. She does not leave you feeling like a transaction.

– Christian

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Tax planning = cash savings. Here’s why💵

Planning. Some of us love it, some of us hate it. One thing's for certain, planning for your taxes equals more money in your pocket and less money owed. Year after year after year. Why? 1. You can learn what will be accepted as a tax deduction BEFORE you buy it. Learn...

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My Secrets About Quarterly Estimated Tax Payments💵

Hi my fierce business owners! So what do you need to know about quarterly estimated tax payments? Let me break it down for you. Quarterly estimated tax payments are payments made to the IRS 4 times a year: Quarter 1: April 15th Quarter 2: July 15th Quarter 3:...

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It’s Time to Pay Yourself. 💵

The big question… should I pay myself? If yes, then when? How much? First, let’s celebrate the fact that you are asking these questions… that means your business is making money or you have worked hard and need some compensation! Both are a big deal. Remember to be...

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When I’m not in the office geeking out on numbers, I’m like a regular person sorta...

I run a tax & accounting firm while also teaching Bikram Yoga. I have spent over a decade working with businesses and I know it’s possible to work with a CPA who has the chops to nerd out over your taxes and accounting while also cool enough to lounge with at a bottomless mimosa brunch.


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