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  • You’re starting to dread tax time because you’d rather spend that time working in your zone of genius serving your clients, providing them with clarity and results in a way that only you can provide. Ain’t nobody got time for taxes!
  • Your relationship with money is love-hate because although business is booming, it damn near seems as if 50% goes straight to the IRS. By the time you pay taxes, your bank account balance is on the low low.
  • You’re used to being reactive when it comes to your taxes, filing tax returns and making payments by the deadline to avoid any notices from Uncle Sam. You figure only the rich can have a CPA who proactively find ways to drastically reduce their tax bill.
  • What if I told you that you don’t have to listen to the internet streets and that you can get your own tax strategy plan that’s aligned with your goals?

What you need to know is how to maximize your tax savings with your very own Tax Strategy Plan VIP Day.

“Each year, she has helped with my taxes while also imparting information that I can use in the future. She is knowledgeable, responsive, approachable, and fun!”

– Amanda M.

“She’s amazing. She gave me a peace of mind when it comes to doing the right thing business wise. There was so many write offs I didn’t know I was able to take. She helped me save hundreds of dollars last year.”

– Lynette O.

“Beyond grateful to have Chika on my side. She treats any question or concern that I have with the same great level of attention. I can’t count how many times I’ve come to Chika with a request only to be received with positivity and care for myself and my business!”

– Gustavo B.

Hey now!
Can you break it all the way down for us, Chika?

What is a Tax Strategy Plan VIP Day?

A tax strategy plan VIP Day is where you and I work together for one day. In just 6 hours, I take you on a tax transformation journey using my proprietary 4-C Phase Framework. At the end of the day, you’ll walk away knowing the exact steps to take to result in thousands of dollars in tax savings. We’re talking 5 and 6 figure numbers as seen by my clients. And I only need your undivided attention for just the first 45 minutes of the day via a video call. After you give me the deets, I spend the rest of the day working behind the scenes building out your customized tax strategy plan.

We create your VIP Day using
just 4 Essential Ingredients

VIP Day User Chart


your personal and business goals


your tax returns and financial reports from the last 3 years


your tax transformation journey with a “before and after” aligned with your goals


your tax strategy plan ready for implementation

Tax Strategy Plan VIP Day

Get a tax strategy plan customized to your goals with my highly valued VIP Day. In just 6 hours, learn what to implement to save you 20 – 30% in taxes EVERY YEAR. Go from owing $30k – $50k to shaving 5 figures off your tax bill ANNUALLY!


With over 11 years as an entrepreneur and CPA specializing in income tax services, I’ve learned a thing or two about helping business owners capitalize on tax savings in a legitimate, clear and effective manner. You so desperately want to maximize your tax savings so that you are keeping 20 – 30% MORE money in your bank account EVERY YEAR instead of forking it over to Uncle Sam. If you want a tax strategy that gives you more money-freedom, then look no further. In just under 6 hours, I can help you construct a tax plan that gives you all the success you’ve been seeking.

years in business

years CA licensed CPA

clients served

average client taxable income

in tax savings for clients

Stop playing small!

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