Introverts are misunderstood. I KNOW you feel my pain. 

People look at us like we have three heads cause we love our alone time. That doesn’t mean we aren’t driven, focused leaders. We’re the best business owners on the planet. Why? Well…

We’re careful AF with our words 👄

We’re too introspective to say something we’ll regret. For the most part, if we’re speaking, we have a plan or a reason to speak. We don’t like being on the spot, so we most likely won’t do that to other people when we’re leaders in business. 

✅ Investors like us because we are clear and intentional

We don’t talk *just* to talk…🗣️

Now I KNOW you’ve been in a meeting where someone is talking out the ass. They love being the center of attention by filling up space with white noise. These loudmouth folks most likely are not introverted. True introverts would rather not speak if we don’t have a reason to and if we do, we’re adding something valuable to the conversation.

✅ Clients hate bullshit. They appreciate our honest approach

Emails. Emails. Emails. 📧

We also don’t send thousands of emails to people for no reason. There’s nothing worse for anxiety than a million emails in your inbox. We value working in silence the most, so we’re likely to not OD on the spam.

✅ Team Members will be able to work in peace because you don’t stress them out

The next time you feel bad because you don’t care about attending the 17th virtual happy hour of the week, remember that you make up for it in strengths that every successful business needs. These strengths often include being a great listener, attention to detail, and the ability to get shit done. Not bad for an introvert. 

I’m interested to know: how has your introversion made you a better business owner?   Hit reply and let me know!

To more money in our pockets,


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8 Easy & Effective Tax Write-Offs for Creatives & Service Providers

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