Naw this isn’t just a new year, it’s a new decade.  And for that, you should make every intention to incorporate consistent action that leads to solid habits for you to accomplish your goals.  No more dipping and dabbing, playing it safe, half-assing the situation. Nope. None of that. 2020 is special. Start year one of this new decade executing your goals like the badass business boss that you are.  And to give you a little boost, here are 20 habits to make 2020 your best year yet:  

  1. Surround yourself with people who lift you up

We’re leaving fake friends in 2019. It’s all about quality, not quantity. Make sure to spend most of your time with people who love you and vice versa. 

  1. Focus on the positive.

When you spew negativity, you harm yourself. No one can be positive 24/7 (actually, that’s not healthy either) but when we choose to fester in the dark instead of focus on the brightness, we lose. 

  1. Deal with problems head on

Say no to procrastination. Dealing with your issues, especially related to business as soon as possible will save you anxiety when you’re stressed about it later. Stop being hesitant and take it by the horns.

  1. Laugh more.

Being serious all the time is so last decade.  Let loose, feel joy, laugh out loud! 

  1. Practice gratitude often.

Take a moment every 24 hours to remember what you are grateful for that day. Expressing gratitude regularly will help you appreciate all that you have. You can do so by:

  • Keeping a daily gratitude journal
  • Expressing your gratitude to someone 
  • Remembering what you’re grateful for every night before you go to sleep
  1. Don’t put work before your loved ones

Is your business keeping you from being a good partner, parent, friend, family member…? It’s not a good look. I understand hustling, but who are we when we neglect the people we love the most? 

  1. Make self-care your priority

Loving yourself can be hard. I’m talking  more than face masks and comfy blankets; loving yourself also means taking accountability, being honest and being kind to yourself. 

  1. Actually LISTEN to people

Ever have a conversation with someone that always makes the topic about themselves? Or notice how someone isn’t listening to you but crafting their response? Do you remember how that made you feel? Let’s stop doing that to folks. 

  1. Organize your tax documents 

This year, use quickbooks to keep track of your sales and expenses instead of a ratty old shoebox of receipts. Let’s keep tax forms d and important documents in one place for an easy time during tax season. Your CPA will be proud of your efforts. 

  1. Release your anger

Holding on to anger helps no one. Figure out a healthy way to express yourself so you aren’t harming yourself. Mood enhancing activities such as taking a walk or practicing yoga can help manage anger.  

  1. Love yourself more

You can do it and you are certainly worthy of it.  Affirmations in the mirror and self care practices such as massages and spa days are ways to show yourself love on a regular basis.  

  1. Avoid gossip

Ok, I know that super juicy piece of gossip about your co-worker is irresistible but let’s try to stop talking about people behind their backs. We only want to exude positivity and support for the people closest to you. 

  1. Be more mindful.

Learn to SLOW DOWN this year and be more mindful in everything you do. Self-reflection and journaling goes a long way in mindfulness.  Remember, it’s hardly ever a life or death situation!

  1. Celebrate the small things

Business and life is not all about the big successes, but the good that you bring to you, your loved ones, and your community everyday. You helped a client today? You connected a customer with a product? Take the time to celebrate – you DID that!

  1. Don’t be so judgmental

It’s not always about you. We judge people based on our own set of personal morals and guidelines, but we have to remember that not everyone has the same heart as you. Some people do things and don’t mean anything by it, learn to give them the benefit of the doubt.

  1. Forgive.

Forgiving is for you, not the other person. When we forgive, we drop the baggage that allows us to move on emotionally and mentally.   

  1. Practice giving less fucks.

I admit, sometimes I care way too much. Let’s try to stop caring about what people think about us, what others will say, what others will do, etc.


Pick up a book instead. This is one of my focal points this year.  It’ll be a productivity game changer for sure.

  1. Make Consistency Your Priority

Put in the time and work to make your ideas come to life. You came this far as an entrepreneur, you can take your business even farther simply by consistently hammering at your goals on a daily basis. 

  1. Have FUN.

The most important one! Remember, none of this is important if you’re miserable af 24/7. Seek honest, fulfilling joy and the rest will follow!

To more money in our pockets in 2020,



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8 Easy & Effective Tax Write-Offs for Creatives & Service Providers

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