As you’ve heard me (and many other business owners) talk about before… I left my corporate job because I knew I could never achieve the work-life balance I NEEDED while in that environment. I distinctly remember the summer I decided to make this move. This decision weighed on me heavier than the barbells my personal trainer boldly assumes I can lift. 

But, I pushed through every ounce of fear I had and made that leap. 

This was a huge shift. As with any life transition… I was overwhelmed. I was confident in my decision but felt intimidated by the unknown path ahead of me. 

Have you heard of the abundance mindset? Simply put, the abundance mindset is a plentiful, creative, positive, and inspired mindset. It’s the idea that what you have is enough. This was extremely helpful to me when I was looking to quit my job in corporate. 

I needed to take a break. So, I took a staycation.

(If you’d like a laugh, watch this Reel I made while staying in an Airbnb on a recent staycation. They had a pet Tortoise named Bo-Chon and she cracked me up.)

Staycations are powerful. I really believe it. Staycations are even more relevant in the rollercoaster pandemic we are in. 

How is this related to the abundance mindset? 

When I quit my job, of course money was a limiting factor. I had carefully set aside 6 months savings to make sure I could financially make it through this leap, but dipping into that for a self indulgent vacation seemed stupid.

I knew I needed a getaway, but I needed to be strategic. Behold.. I found my answer in the staycation. Bottom line is, you DON’T need a lavish vacation to rejuvenate or self reflect (despite what Instagram influencers may tell you). 

What is a staycation?

I define a staycation as a day/weekend/week where you explore the place you live and spend time with yourself. You can venture your own town or explore the nearby city. You can spend the night in an airbnb or simply return home! Staycations can be a lot of things, but the one thing they always are is… close to home.  

They’re amazing because you get to have the soul-searching vacation without paying for an expensive ass flight. In fact, they can be even more stress free because there is no added travel anxiety. 

Even though I used to work in San Francisco, I never actually experienced the city while I worked my corporate job. I was too tired after work and on the weekends. The thought of going into a bustling city was just too daunting. 

On my staycation, I went hiking along the beach, visited Alcatraz, tried new restaurants, watched matinees in the afternoon and so much more… all by myself. 

I didn’t realize how much life I missed while feeling stressed about my corporate job. This city had so much to offer, but I was stuck working 9-5 with zero energy left. 

After my staycation, I made a promise to myself: I would never limit myself from taking the reflection time I needed. I will never forget to appreciate what I have right now. I left my job, but I had a future of entrepreneurship to look forward to. I had an amazing city to explore. I had a wonderful support system around me. I had faith in myself. 

Don’t be afraid to explore your surroundings. Take a week off even if you don’t plan on going anywhere exotic – check out that museum down the street or visit the beach you’ve been procrastinating on visiting. You won’t regret it.

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