It’s that time of year!! Spring is underway and Summer is right around the corner. The weather is at least 70 and whenever you take a break from your computer you’re wondering how you can get outside into the sun. 

The great thing about the work from home (WFH) shift is the flexibility you have with your schedule. That flexibility comes in handy when the weather starts sounding a lot like happy hour beachside. 

This is the perfect time to spring clean your WFH space. Why spring clean? So you maximize your productivity, get more done in your work hours, and enjoy the things that make you feel good. 

Here are my 4 C’s to hacking work from home productivity: 

  1. Clean, cleared, and clutter free.

    Make sure your WFH space has only the essentials. For me, those are my laptop, notebook, planner, and personal journal. Your work space should have everything you need at the beginning of the day so you don’t have to get up and get it while you work.

    I’ll be the first to admit that my space often gets cluttered with thick-ass tax books and the occasional empty plate post-lunch. I guess you can’t fight the inevitable LOL! I try to clear and clean my space at least weekly if not daily.

    Remove anything that creates distraction. This looks like: Putting your phone behind your computer. Investing in music streaming that doesn’t have commercials (Trust me, invest in your WFH space is well worth it to entrepreneurs). Putting your notifications on do not disturb.
  2. Calm and comfortable

    This one is huge for me. The luxury of having your own workspace is that you get to customize it how YOU want. My essentials are: salt lamps, scented candles, green plants and fresh flowers.  I’m all about creating a space that brings a sense of calm.

    Comfort also includes clothes. If it’s a cold rainy day, you bet I’m wearing my hoodie and fuzzy socks. No more freezing your a** off because the AC is cranked to polar temperatures in the conference room.

    Since I am alone when I WFH, it can be a little too quiet. I fill the space and make the room feel less stiff with my favorite music. I use Pandora… (don’t get at me because I don’t have Spotify). My favorite station is Boney James (if you’re curious) because it is Jazz with no lyrics. It creates a calm, focused environment for me to get sh*t done.  
  3. Consistent rules

    Now, just because you can work in your fuzzy socks and play jazz while you review client documents doesn’t mean you can throw out all the rules of working in an office. Your home is the place where you cook, clean, sleep, eat, and do every other aspect of your personal life. It can be hard not to let those responsibilities distract you while WHF.

    Trust me, I fall victim to the intrusive thoughts: “Oh, I should take out the trash!”…”Oh, I need to do the laundry!” But we all know those items are not urgent. If you were in the office, you wouldn’t stop every hour to sweep the floor and do the dishes would you?

    Make sure you distinguish time to work and time to do household items. Those tasks distracting you from your work will be there when you are off the clock.
  4. Conscious scheduling

    Declare your work hours and STICK TO THEM.

    Create a general to-do list during those work hours and prioritize. We all know that trying to check all the things off the to-do list can set you up for failure. Select 2-3 things that are a top priority. Ask yourself, if I were to only do these 2 -3  tasks today and feel successful, what would those tasks be?

    Once you’ve decided those top tasks, work on those high priority items when you have the most energy. For me, thats between the hours of 10am to 2pm. I know if I wait until 3pm to start those projects… Oh trust me, the excuses are coming. These small productivity hacks will set you up to be efficient and successful by working with your strengths, not against them. 


When you are intentional with your work space, you can increase productivity and create realistic goals for yourself. 

PS: Speaking of spring cleaning, I recently had the amazing Devin Lee, Online Business Manager, as a guest our new IG Live series: Chats with Chika. She opened up about how she’s cleaned up her work process in such a way that she only works 20 hours a week in her business.  You NEED to give it a listen!

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