Introverts are extremely mischaracterized. Sure, we love our alone time but that doesn’t mean we’re anti-social. And okay, maybe we’d rather be in bed then having this conversation with you, but that also doesn’t mean we aren’t driven, focused leaders and great communicators. Let me explain it to ya..

We’re careful with our words

We’re too introspective for that kind of ish. For the most part, if we’re speaking, we have a plan or a reason to speak. We don’t like being put on the spot, so we most likely won’t do that to other people when we’re leaders in business. We give people and ourselves the space to express ourselves, leading to an overall better communication network.

We don’t talk just to talk

Now I know you have been in a meeting where someone is talking just to talk. You know exactly what I mean. They love being the center of attention, flaunting their ego or filling up space with white noise. There are a lot of people like that and they are most likely not an introvert. We’re comfortable with silence, and we’d rather not speak if we don’t have a reason to. 

Silence speaks louder sometimes

Circling back to the last point – we’re okay with silence. We work best alone by nature so we respect other people’s space too. We leave people be. We’re not popping in every five seconds to check on you, but we’re there in case you need support. Every worker is different but I think we all agree that we hate micromanagers. 

Emails. Emails. Emails. 

Similarly to how we don’t talk just to talk, we also don’t send thousands of emails to people. There is nothing worse for anxiety than a million emails in your inbox – you don’t have to be an introvert to understand that. We’re most likely to send less unnecessary emails, especially emails sent after work hours, and keep communication on a need-to-know basis only.

Less ego, more listening 

As I said, introverts aren’t interested in being in the spotlight all the damn time. We don’t need to insert ourselves into the conversation in order to talk with others. We make better listeners, and you can’t be an effective communicator without listening. 

In short, Introverts are effective communicators because we’re planners, lend support when needed and don’t fill the space with white noise. So basically, we’re awesome. 


To more money in our pockets,

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