Tax season is over and it’s time you celebrate. Tax season is hard on everyone (not just the fellow tax nerds like myself). The stress on small business owners caused by finances and IRS fear can be daunting. Whether you got a refund or simply made it over the hurdle of handling your finances like the responsible adult that you are… It is time to treat yo self!

Here are 7 staycation and self-care ideas now that tax season is over…

  1. Spend the weekend in an Airbnb
    Whether you live in a city and need a country escape or you are looking to spend the weekend in an unexplored metropolis, booking an Airbnb can be the escape you need. Pack your favorite books, snacks, and a bottle of wine! Use the weekend to enjoy “living” somewhere new. The privacy that Airbnbs provide will be a much-needed escape.  
  2. Self-care night
    This one you can do just about anywhere. Heavy spending is optional. Whether you do this with your best friend or by yourself… Stock up on sheet masks, candles, and bath bombs. Treat yourself to a spa night! Turn off your phone and don’t even think about opening your computer! Take a night to decompress and indulge.  
  3. Day trip to somewhere new
    This one is my favorite. You get to spend time in a new place without the stress of planning an entire trip! Pack up your car the night before and head out on a day full of adventure. Do a quick google search and find an area you’ve never been to, then spend a whole day exploring!  
  4. Book a spa service
    My go-to spa service is massages. Deep tissue massages are my reward to myself whenever I push through an intense time in my business or life! Pick a day or afternoon where you can book a massage or facial and check out for the rest of the day. You deserve it! And if you’re feeling extra fancy, add hot stones to that massage…heavenly.  
  5. Get outside!
    This one is for EVERYONE, not just my outdoorsy friends. Get yourself outside! You don’t need to go for some intense hike. It could be as simple as reading a book in the sun. Enjoy the sunshine, listen to the birds chirp, smell the roses… Take time to breathe and disconnect. You’ll thank me later.  
  6. Plan a date night
    Plan a date night with your significant other or your best friend! One of the hardest parts about tax season for me is that I feel like I don’t get to socialize. The stress of tax season makes it hard to fully enjoy socializing when I know I could be working. Now that the deadline is over, dedicate a night of fun with your partner in crime. You can watch a short-ass movie (LOL), try a new restaurant, or have a picnic in your favorite park. 
  7. Plan a night of entertainment
    Had your eye on your fav comedian performing soon at the local venue? How about that new art exhibit at the museum? What have you been wanting to go to, but haven’t had the time… Now is that time. Buy tickets to that event you’ve been dying to go to!  

Why am I telling you this?

Because rewarding yourself for doing hard things is IMPORTANT. Take it from me, a reformed workaholic. Rewarding yourself for putting in hard werk needs to be your new norm. Celebrate the little wins. Taking the time to give yourself the care and recovery you need will reward you (and your bank account!) for years to come. 

8 Easy & Effective Tax Write-Offs for Creatives & Service Providers

8 Easy & Effective Tax Write-Offs for Creatives & Service Providers

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