I love sharing business and financial advice with you on Sundays but this week is a little different: I want to spotlight my siblings today…you may remember,  I talked about my mom a few weeks ago, but that only tells half the story. I mentioned I’m one of five siblings – yes, five. I have a big family. I love them to death even though they drive me crazy (sometimes)

But it’s more than love. Even though I sometimes feel a bit isolated because they are all in Los Angeles and I am in the Bay Area, it hit me just the other day that my siblings are hella business driven just like me, and we feed off each other for inspiration and lessons. Let me plug my family right quick! 

My oldest sister, Lynette currently runs a 6-figure lash company in LA. She’s such a go-getter and takes action immediately. She’s not about the planning or overthinking, she’s all about just DOING it, whatever it is. Though she’s an introvert like me, she shows me how to juggle between business and personal time like a pro. Personally, I’m a planner and tend to overthink, so when I need be impulsive, I channel my inner Lynette. So far, it’s served me well. 

My first younger sister, Pandorah is just like my mom. She’s a registered nurse in LA – science and health has always been her thing. I didn’t realize this while we were growing up, but Pandorah looked up to me and valued my opinion (I thought she got a kick out of annoying me by following me everywhere I went!). I used to be mean to her, but she helped me understand how to become a leader when I realized my influence on her; made me feel extra special.  Once I recognized my impact, I purposefully started to lead with my actions and encourage her instead of being so cranky, and we’re both better for it. 

My second youngest sister is Doris. She has the kind of personality that’s larger than life – and the determination to match it. She never gives up and is never afraid to ask for help. She runs a nonprofit in LA called the 40 Love Foundation, which is an after-school community that teaches children how to play tennis as well as use sports to build people-skills, self-esteem, work-ethic and much more. I’m constantly inspired by how much she kne what she wanted at such a young age which only reminded to never let anything stand in the way of my dreams.

Then, there’s the baby. My younger brother Solomon. No surprises here when I tell you we spoiled him – and I think it got to his head. He wasn’t like my sisters at first, I thought he would never be interested in paying enough attention in class to barely earn a passing grade or joining school clubs but he surprised me. He may be 21, but he’s proven that once he focuses his attention on something, he’ll succeed. I definitely see myself in him (we are the two Virgos in the fam) and that excites me about his future.

My family is HUGE and we’re all a mash of different personalities, but we are able to learn from each other. Do you have siblings or family that make you better at business decisions? Make sure to recognize their impact in your life and keep them in mind when you are in need of an inspirational boost.  

With love,


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