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Kudos to you entrepreneur. You jumped ship from the corporate world to build a business where you get to be yourself, do work you love, and enjoy the life you desire.

As you make your dreams into reality, money is the bullseye and you hustle harder and harder each year to hit your profit goals; your number one priority.

But in the process, as time continues, business life is no longer all rosy and peachy.

All of a sudden, you are busy to the core serving clients, paying bills and barely have time to sit down to get a handle on your tax situation.

That dream life you set out to create is at risk of being snatched away because half your profits are quickly sucked into the hands of Uncle Sam.


Our Mission

Our mission is to keep more money in your bank account to use as desired. Period. We help service providers focus on their passion while having peace of mind that they are maximizing their tax savings to grow their dreams the way they envision. No anxiety. No stress. No bullshit.

If you want some money magic and freedom in your life, then work with me! You have two options for me and my team to serve you. Keep scrolling, keep reading for a brief break-down of what’s what so you can decide which is best for you.

Core Values


  • Integrity – We are a company built on trust and honesty. Period.
  • Excellence – We go to bat for our clients, team and people. In everything we do, we bring a level of quality and brilliance to the mix.
  • Smart Money Mindset – Being comfortable with discussing money and having clarity around business finances.
  • Transformation – Our services provide a pivotal transformation in our client’s lives and businesses as they implement the tax strategies customized to their goals and dreams.
  • Fun – And we’re not talking about work. Although work is pretty fun! Here at Obih Collective, we pride ourselves on spending non-work hours doing things that bring us joy. We love and honor our boundaries so that we can infuse more fun into our lives.
  • Authenticity – Be you. You don’t have to be someone fake in order to be a good team member, client, or colleague. Be yourself because everyone else is already taken. Authenticity attracts the right people.

Meet the Founder

Over the past 12 years, I have built a multi-six-figure business helping entrepreneurs, creatives, service providers, and CEOs get clear about their tax strategy to cut their taxes, build their investments, and live the life of their dreams. I accomplish this using a holistic approach, incorporating both the client’s business & personal goals.

Whether you are in need of a one-stop-shop where me and the ream provide monthly done-for-you tax and accounting services or just want a comprehensive tax strategy plan all laid out for you and your financial team to implement, I work my tax nerd magic to get you the clarity, peace of mind, and major tax savings you crave.

When not in the office, I enjoy taking walks in the neighborhood, bumming out on the beachy sands of Los Angeles, and listening to women-led podcasts about self-discovery, relationships, and business success. I also get excited to catch up with friends over chips & guac sipping jalapeno margaritas.

How Can We Take Your Business
to the Next Level?

if you need
Ongoing Monthly Tax & Accounting Support

B.O.S.S is what you are and what you need! Short for Business Optimization and Strategic Support, this is your one-stop-shop for all income tax, bookkeeping, payroll and accounting services for ambitious business owners who want to ensure the accounting system is operating efficiently and optimizing tax savings. That means meeting filing & payment deadlines, foundational and routine actions are checked-off. You, the CEO and owner, can have full confidence because you have a communicative, proactive CPA that you enjoy & trust.

if you need
A strategic Tax Plan with step by step instruction to implement yourself

This service is perfect for the business owner who has a reliable Accountant who files their taxes and takes care of the bookkeeping. But what’s missing? The tax strategy plan! You are in need of a step by step action plan that will guarantee maximum tax savings to the tune of 5 figures year after year! We will customize a tax strategy plan that will set you up for maximized tax savings and peace of mind. With the plan in hand, you’d then work with your Accountant in implementing the plan and executing with confidence. Here’s the icing on the cake: this VIP service is crafted in an unbelievable way where we can have your plan ready in just 1 day!

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