My free tax guide 7 Business Expenses You Thought Were Tax Deductible But… Actually Aren’t is a fun, easy, and practical guide that I created for you. It will save you time, money and sanity. Why did I create it? Well, let me tell you a lil story about one of my clients.

“Why am I always confused?”

My client frustratingly asked me this on a routine call. I was explaining to her that her blouses and slacks that she included as a business expense on her tax return were not actually deductible.

She explained that she only purchased the clothes so she could look professional for her daily Zoom calls. It was a work-only expense, therefore it should be tax deductible.

Makes sense, right?


Everyday regular clothing that you purchase for work – even for the purpose of looking more polished and professional – is NOT tax deductible.

If my client read my free guide,, she wouldn’t have made those potentially costly mistakes on her tax return.

According to the IRS, work clothes that can double as street or evening clothes are no more deductible than anything else in your closet. To claim a deduction for buying clothes, the clothes have to be mandatory for your job AND unsuitable for everyday wear. This can include construction worker uniforms, nurse scrubs or even steel toe boots for factory workers.

These are the kind of stipulations and technicalities that trip business owners up, no matter how experienced. It’s important to know the basics so you don’t make mistakes. Trust me, you don’t want the IRS coming after you 3 years later for thousands of dollars in pencil skirts and yoga tights you tried to claim on a tax return…I’ve seen it happen and it ain’t pretty.

As an accountant, I’m often helping clients *after* the fact. But I wanted to create something to prepare business owners like you before a problem happens. Cue the 7 Business Expenses You Thought Were Tax Deductible But Actually Aren’t guide. It’s free so get yours today.

Okay, let me be real with you. **Disclaimer alert** This guide will not do your taxes for you and it’s not going to replace hiring an accountant. What it will do is teach you about 7 common business expenses that are mistaken as tax write-offs. Save yourself headache, frustration, and hard-earned money by learning what’s right so you don’t get it wrong next time.

Get your guide here.

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