We’ve all met that person who’s entire personality is circled around how busy they are. You know the type. You can’t have a conversation with them without complaining about all they have to do or how overwhelmed and burnt out they are. They live on Slack, emails and zoom calls. In their venting moments, it’s almost as if they’re asking for your advice or consolation, until you realize it’s just a front.

Don’t be a busy person.

Be productive.

Let me tell you the difference.

Busy people are directionless.
Productive people have goals and a set path.

Busy people say yes to everything.
Productive people only say yes to things that are within their boundaries AND fit in their overall goals.

Busy people talk about how much they are doing.
Productive people are more concerned with quality than quantity.

And most importantly:

Busy people can’t manage their time effectively.
Productive people make sure they prioritize time for things they enjoy.

It’s not cool to be burnt out. It’s not okay to not fit some fun into your schedule. It’s not healthy to be all about work work work work work. It’s even worse if work is all you can talk about. In fact, research shows that productivity suffers when people don’t get a break which makes you wonder what are you really slaving for?

So yes, it’s Sunday. Kick back and enjoy the Super Bowl (go Chiefs!). Oh and do me a favor: don’t think about work. Enjoy the game or the commercials or the halftime show (whatever floats your boat) and have a good time.

To More Money In Our (productive) Pockets,


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8 Easy & Effective Tax Write-Offs for Creatives & Service Providers

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