5 Surefire Ways to Deal with Late Paying Clients

Have you ever dealt with a client that stays paying you late?  Or a client that ghosts you for weeks or months whenever invoices are due?  That shit has got to end now. Here’s how:  Change your mindset You deserve money too, boo.  No one wants to be known as an...

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10 Steps to Increased Cash Flow

All I really need to see is the money *Cardi B voice*  Cardi was on to something because while you may be passionate about your business and enjoy the work you do, at the end of the day, if you ain't getting paid...issa problem! Here are 10 effective things you can do...

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Now is Not the Time to Quit

I think we can all agree that this has been the longest year ever.  COVID-19, the economic downturn, racial injustice, the 2020 election cycle, wildfires in California, double hurricanes heading toward the Gulf Coast right now as we speak...need I go on? 2020 is...

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Why Now is the Time to Double Down on Cybersecurity

Encryption, ransomware, phishing...  Yes, those are all English words, I promise.  For the average small business owner, cybersecurity may not seem like something worth investing in. After all, cyber-attacks only happen to megacorporations with billions of dollars in...

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Should I be paying myself?

Your business may be driven by your passion.  But passion don’t pay the bills.  Let me tell you why you need to put yourself on payroll ASAP. Let’s start. I know for a fact you work overtime. You’ve probably experienced more than enough eye-strain working on your...

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S***, I think I did my taxes wrong

What do Martha Stewart, Mike Tyson, Nicholas Cage all have in common?    Just guess...   Okay fine, I’ll just tell you. They’ve all been audited by the IRS...and each got in deep $$$ trouble.    As a business owner, the thought of doing your taxes wrong...

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How to support Black businesses for real

Are you still supporting Black businesses?  I’m asking because Black business is a powerful way for Black people to create generational wealth for their communities. This is an essential part in the fight for financial stability, self-sufficiency, and advancement for...

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Stop making this one big business mistake

So many women entrepreneurs make this one mistake.  They refuse to ask for help.  Instead, they choose to work alone.  When I say ask for help, I’m not talking about hiring staff. Sure, it’s nice to have help, but that’s not it. Even with a staff, you may find...

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Stop Hiding

You’re terrified to prepare your taxes. Or if you pay someone to do them for you, you’re quick to sign-off without reviewing the numbers.  You ask zero questions. You don’t keep monthly financial statements. Do the very words “IRS audit” leave you shivering in your...

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Creative Ways to Maximize Your Tax Deductions

Tax liabilities - they’ll be the death of us all, amirite? This year especially, you may be working on a fraction of your usual sales which makes you more likely to hold off on regular business expenditures.  And I get that.  But let me ask you, are you maximizing...

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Time to Cancel Your Imposter Syndrome

I get it; you feel like you don’t belong. You feel like you’ve gotten where you are because of luck. I call BS. You are where you belong – do you believe that? You only hurt yourself when you give into imposter syndrome. That’s what it’s called – there’s a name for...

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Why Your Business Needs an Employer ID Number (EIN)

A friend asked me the other day:  “Do I need an Employer ID Number (EIN) for my business?”  Such a good question.  The answer is a pretty straight forward yes if we are talking about corporations, partnerships, and multi-member LLCs.  But what about sole...

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The Ultimate Tax Preparation ✅List

If 6 months ago you would have told me the tax deadline was July 15th, I would have stared at you like you stole the last piece of bacon.  2020 has been nothing close to normal.  It’s a good chance that you’ve been too distracted to focus on taxes these last couple of...

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The World is Hungry for Women Leadership

Women who stand up are constantly told, stop being so bossy.  But nope, you got it wrong: we are leaders.   Oftentimes, we women are natural-born leaders.  But let’s be real:  today’s events highlighting racial injustice can make even the strongest feel weak. The...

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The Importance of Keeping Business Separate from Personal

Mixing business with pleasure is never a good idea, especially when it comes to your business and personal expenses. How will you tell the difference between the two? How will you prepare your taxes? You’re asking for a logistical nightmare if you don’t create...

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Black People are Hurting

Make it make sense yall. Black people are hurting.  Emotions are heavy.  We are confused, torn, numb, angry, sad, helpless, alone.  All these feelings swirl through my mind, my heart. What do we do?  Where do we go from here?  How can we impact a lasting change?  When...

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Is Your Business Truly Data-Driven?

You’re probably thinking:  “What in the world is data analytics and how does it apply to my itty bitty business? I’m no Mark Zuck!”  Well let me tell you, data analytics is a billion-dollar industry. Billion with a capital ‘B’. That means business owners from all over...

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5 Things to Consider When Starting a Business

If there’s a time to start a new business, it’s now. With nearly 39 million folks on unemployment due to the current times, why take a chance working for someone else who may just throw you out on the street no matter your qualifications, achievements, or abilities?...

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