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That time I hired my first full-time employee

It was May 2021. That time I hired my first full-time employee.   This was the biggest move I've made for my business and myself so far. I’m diving into my hiring process and how I reached this pivotal CEO step. Because you may be on the fence with hiring.  This may...

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It’s not too late to reduce your tax bill

It’s not too late to cut your 2021 tax bill!!!  You heard that right.    Pay your future self and reduce your tax bill simultaneously.  We’re talking about IRAs - Individual Retirement Accounts.  There are many types of IRAs but today we are focused on...

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Why You May Need to File an Extension

Maximize is back with another crash-course in need-to-know tax info for entrepreneurs!  Filing an Extension 101 Certain business tax returns including S-Corporations and Partnerships are due March 15th. Did you procrastinate and won’t be ready to file in time? Good...

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Itemized vs. Standardized Deductions

We are in the thick of, yet again, another unusual tax season. In the last few years, there has been new tax law impacting what deductions you are eligible to take.   Today on Maximize, I’m giving you an overview of itemized vs. standardized deductions.   ...

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No new friends

Hot take: I’m not taking on a single new client until May. This will be a new norm in my business model: we don’t take on new clients between the busy months of December through April.  I know what you are thinking….        Chika, that’s bat shit crazy!         How...

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Self-Employment Tax 101

You’re here because you’re a small business owner. You’ve decided to take your career into your own hands, which is HUGE! You’re already part of our Maximize community, which means you’re all ears for the tax talk. Today I’m dropping a few gems about a topic that can...

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LLC or Sole Proprietorship – Which is right for me?

Alright y’all… I KNOW this is a topic you’ve been curious about because I get asked about it ALL the time.  Unless you’re a tax professional, the differences between each type of business entity can feel like a foreign language. However, it’s essential you do your...

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12 Tax Deductions for the self-employed

When you first start your business you’re thinking… How am I going to make money? Who are my clients? How will I market? Will I hire? You’ve got enough questions filling your brain, you aren’t thinking about your tax moves right from the start. Lucky for you, that’s...

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2022 Tax Season: How to prepare

I’ve received a ton of questions about this upcoming tax season. For many reasons, 2021 was a sh*t show and this tax season is on theme with that. 2022 tax filing season will be the THIRD one since the pandemic began… where has the time gone!???  This tax season is...

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Eat out!

You gotta eat. Now you can write it off. Completely.  Dining out is one of the simplest, most fulfilling pleasures in life. No dishes, no grocery shopping, no clean-up… and let’s be real, it likely tastes better than your own cooking. When you are running a business...

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❗️❗️ DUE JANUARY 18 ❗️❗️

🚨🚨Quarterly Estimated Tax Payments for Q4 2021 are due January 18🚨🚨… Are you prepared?? Read below for everything you need to know to avoid paying penalties.  Working for yourself has so many great benefits. The freedom of being a business owner cannot be understated....

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Office-in-Home Tax Deductions: Here’s what you need to know

The world has shifted… Working from home is now more common than not. The days of in-office work Monday through Friday seem like they may never return (which I’m not complaining about… I mean come thru sweat pants!).   First of all, let me insert my disclaimer:...

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My wins, challenges, and lessons learned over the last year

Today I’m getting vulnerable.  Usually, I’m here with tax tips and small business hacks, but not today... My Executive Assistant, Lucy, and I sat down recently to reflect on the year. With 2022 insight, it was time to look back on the year. Here’s what she asked me,...

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7 Steps to get you ready for Tax Filing Season 💰

It’s that time of year… TAX TIME! Doesn’t matter if you love it or hate it, you have to deal with it. If you don’t you’ll be in deep. Taxes are enough to make most people anxious.  But fear not, a little advance work will save you time, money, and sanity. Do you know...

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I almost died

Want to hear about a time I almost died? (Well not really, but kinda) The beginning stages of running your own business are never pretty. Burnout is inevitable no matter how organized or on top of things you think you are. A benchmark burnout experience for me was 4...

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Top 5 tax fears and how to stop them

Alright… we know that taxes aren’t most people’s definition of “fun”, they can be a major source of anxiety. As we come to the end of the year, you might be feeling similar. It’s time to let go of that fear with some core understanding.  Here are 5 common tax fears...

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Comparison will kill you

It’s that time of year… time to reflect on the good, the bad, and the ugly. Whether it's Thanksgiving or the end of the year, this is the time you think.  I am thankful for so much this year. Big moves were made professionally and personally, I’m sure you feel the...

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Corporate burnout turned self-made CEO

Before we get into the juicy goodness, let me take a minute to give you your flowers. I am so grateful for you. Maximize has allowed me to talk about topics that are important to me. This newsletter has been a way to drop knowledge I wish I knew when I started my...

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3 Easy Things to Outsource Today

As much as you wish you could… You can’t do it all on your own. Sometimes you have to fight that entrepreneur stubbornness and GET SOME HELP.  Take it from me, in the beginning, stages of my business I tried to cut costs wherever I could. While being tight on your...

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Most Common IRS Tax Problems

Let’s talk about something fun… tax problems!  Totally kidding… Taxes are about as complicated as it gets, but if you don’t at least try to understand them then you are in BIG trouble.  You have enough on your plate with your business, you definitely don’t want to be...

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