We’ve all been there. 


Ew, he looks like he takes himself too seriously


Eh, not cute enough 


Ugh, what’s with all the cat photos

Dating is hard. It’s even harder for business owners.

Yes, it’s true, entrepreneurs need love too. It’s hard because we aren’t your typical people. We don’t leave work in our offices after 5pm; we live and breathe our businesses 24/7. We keep it front and center in our minds and hearts because it’s our bread and butter. It could wake us up in the middle of the night or distract us at dinner or force us to cancel social plans at the last minute. 

We are responsible for payroll, all the bills, tech issues and every other thing in between, big or small. The buck stops here – if there’s a miscommunication with the vendors, customers, clients, employees, you name it, we deal with it, no matter the time. 

It’s like beinga parent. Our businesses are our babies and it’s hard to keep us away, even when it might be best for us. I know, because being my own boss has somewhat complicated my dating life. Dating, in itself, isalready HARD. Some prospects seem ambitious, but it’s clear they won’t make time for you.  Then there are some who do have time, but aren’t ambitious enough. It leads you to overthink: Do I want to date another entrepreneur or do I want to date someone who can lend more time to support me?  Am I being selfish with my time and my heart, not fully opening myself to allow vulnerability to seep through?  Do I even want to? Aaah the woes.

It can feel like an impossible situation. But I want to remind you that finding love as a business owner is very possible. 

It takes an uber-special person to come into our lives if they want a piece of our time. Our time is precious, and we’re only willing to share it for the right person. When you do find them, life gets sweeter. Believe me, I know. 

I learned the hard way. Every human being needs to find a balance between their personal and professional lives; it’s the only way to reach genuine happiness. That means you gotta make time for matters not relating to your business. That also means you prioritize people who make time for you, too!

If you’re looking for a partner, then you gotta be ready. Yes, that means taking time away from your work. No, that doesn’t mean you should lower your standards. Yes, you should always protect your heart, but don’t forget to be a little open minded. Love is out there and entrepreneurs deserve it too.


To more love in our hearts and money in our pockets, 


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8 Easy & Effective Tax Write-Offs for Creatives & Service Providers

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