I once had an ex who was afraid of opening up to me. He rarely communicated how he was feeling and bottled it all up until it exploded. We were great when it was good, but when he hid inside himself, the problems in our relationship came back.

The frustration I had trying to work with him during the relationship reached its wits end when I realized that he wouldn’t change. Or at least, I couldn’t change him. He had to want to do it himself.

I don’t mean to be depressed on Valentine’s Day (lol), but I wanted to share this because he still taught me something super important, and not just about heartbreak.

It’s love that we’re all chasing, but fear that’s holding us back.

You can’t have something you love without confronting your fears first. It’s just how life works. I didn’t make the rules.

I was afraid of launching a business that was less than perfect.

I was afraid of putting myself out there, of being vulnerable.

I was afraid of rejection and failure.

I am afraid….

The fear will never leave – it’s still a part of my life, but it doesn’t wield as much influence anymore. I do what I fear everyday and the results bring me closer and closer to love.

I love myself. I love my family and friends. I love success and my business. I love all that I’ve built and what I’m building. I am maintaining these relationships and achieving all these things because I overcame fear.

And I have all of those things with a man or single.

One day, my ex will learn how to express himself in a healthy way, on his own time. He’ll be less afraid of himself and his emotions.

But today, I still have me. I still have my own fears. And I still have the capacity for even more than what I had yesterday.

I’m wishing you a happy Valentine’s Day! Let’s all make sure our actions today and every day to come, bring us closer to love.

To More Love,


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