Before we get into the juicy goodness, let me take a minute to give you your flowers. I am so grateful for you. Maximize has allowed me to talk about topics that are important to me. This newsletter has been a way to drop knowledge I wish I knew when I started my business. I’m honored that you open up these emails each week for inspiration as we slay this entrepreneur journey.

Most of what you hear from me comes from direct experience. My business journey has been a rocky roller coaster, but I have learned so much! Today, I’m dropping in to tell you a little bit about how Obih Collective Inc. became a thing.

Just a corporate burnout… 

Making the decision to start my own business will forever be one of the biggest turning points in my life both personally and professionally. I was just 25. It was the first time I truly thought about what I wanted; not what my parents wanted for me. It was the beginning of taking control of my future. 

Like many of you, I was working a corporate job with long hours (I’m talking 60 – 80 hour weeks) and a competitive environment. Turnover was very high as employees got burnt out constantly and moved on to more stable pastures. Management did NOT care about their team and you could feel it. I wanted my work to have a purpose in my community, I did not want my future to be in the hands of an out-of-touch CEO… So in 2010, after 3 years of burnout, I left!  

I took the time after leaving corporate to be with myself. I worked as a nutrition consultant and focused on the things that made me feel good. I took a deep dive into yoga and even traveled to Thailand for 3 months to become a Bikram yoga teacher (one of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had). I focused on the things that gave me energy. I started saying no to anything that wasn’t aligned with my vision.

Starting Obih Collective… 

While teaching yoga and coaching folks on their nutrition, I was still assisting people with taxes. It made me feel good to help people understand their taxes and take the stress out of the filing process. It was work I loved doing and I wanted to follow that. 

After a couple of years of freelancing with health coaching and part-time tax work, I made the decision to go with that feeling and began formally taking on tax clients. I went all in. I felt like a badass. I was in complete control of my boundaries, work hours, and client interactions. I got credit and support from those I served. There would be no turning back. 

Starting my own business solidified my decision to leave corporate. I had the flexibility I needed to show up for my clients. I was delivering results without working hours that kill. 

Obih Collective over the years…

I need to stress the biggest lesson I’ve learned in this journey… BOUNDARIES. At the beginning of my entrepreneurship journey, I was accepting everybody and their dad as clients. I was doing work that wasn’t even aligned with my service offerings. I felt like I had to take on every opportunity to generate income. This quickly led to burnout and a lack of confidence. 

With burnout, I learned that I needed to streamline my business. I focused on the CPA tasks I loved and had no problem doing. I said no or referred out anything that was out of scope. I stayed in my zone of genius and the work got easier.  I took on the projects that interested me. I worked with the clients I loved. I rested when the days were over. I gave myself what I needed to be my best self and the revenue results spoke for themselves.

The VIP Day dream… 

Eventually, my boundaries and life vision pointed me in the direction of VIP Days. Currently, my business is structured around my VIP Day offer, customizing tax strategy plans for ambitious service-based entrepreneurs. This allows me to serve clients one-on-one for 1 whole day and give them the steps to save 6-figures in taxes… and to use that money for whatever their heart desires. Not to mention the clarity, confidence, and peace of mind they receive on top of the huge tax savings. 

They receive a plan that leads to money-saving success YEAR ROUND. This business model has allowed me to care for my clients on a deeper level, giving them my undivided attention to applying my tax genius to their business.  This transformative service would have never come about if I gave up on my vision and purpose for how I want to show up for my clients, team, and community. 

I may have peaked your curiosity.  Don’t worry, I won’t leave you hanging.  Get all the info you need about my custom tax strategy plan VIP Day here. We only have 2 SPOTS LEFT for 2021! Click here to find everything you need to know and book your VIP Day! 

Back to the story. The point I wanna stress to you is… do what you love. Find the things that energize you and bring you joy. If your business or job is draining you, ask yourself why. What needs to change?  If you feel unsupported or burned out in your job or business, visualize the environment that will make you thrive. 

My business, Obih Collective, was founded on my craving for flexibility and work-life balance. Our Core Values are centered around FUN and the idea that in order to show up for our clients, we must show up for ourselves. When the going gets tough, focus on the things that empower you… I promise when you prioritize showing up as your best self, it WILL trickle down to your clients…and to your bottom line. 

8 Easy & Effective Tax Write-Offs for Creatives & Service Providers

8 Easy & Effective Tax Write-Offs for Creatives & Service Providers

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