It’s time to get down to the real business… Dating as a female business owner. 

Dating isn’t exactly easy for anyone, but when you are already married to your business it complicates things. Here are some themes I’ve noticed in dating as an entrepreneur:

(These are just my thoughts, do they resonate with you? Send me a DM on Instagram and tell me your experience… us fempreneurs are in this TOGETHER). 

Some of your dates might not be ready for your drive. 

I distinctly remember an interaction I had with a man I went on ONE date with. After this experience, I knew there wouldn’t be anymore. 

He took me to a fancy restaurant. We had stimulating conversations. The evening seemed to flow well. On the date, it was clear he went ALL OUT. He paid for this bougie dinner and definitely dropped a few boastful comments to impress me. He was an entrepreneur with multiple houses, cars, and businesses in a few states. This was not initially a red flag because… let’s be real… if I had that kind of success I would be talking about it too. I noted his comments but didn’t think they were a problem… yet. The date was good! 

The day after the date (a workday afternoon) he texted me looking to hang out. I told him I was already in my office and way too busy to hang out, but would be down another time! His response? “Oh yeah, your little job lol”

EXCUSE ME??? Needless to say, I did not respond. This left such a bad taste in my mouth. I felt so disrespected. Little job??? What nerve! I expect my partner to cheer me on and support my business endeavors;  he would NEVER talk down to me. 

So, onto the next. 

This was not the first time I’ve been talked down to and it confirmed that some dudes are just not ready for a successful entrepreneurial woman. They might feel the need to belittle her in order to highlight their own success. NO TIME FOR THAT BS. If this happens to you, just don’t respond.  Keep it pushing… It’ll make you feel way better. 

There are supportive partners out there and you will know them when you find them.

This is true for both romantic interests and friends. Your true people will support you. 

Recently, I’ve been on a couple dates with this guy who is a perfect example of what it means to support another entrepreneur. An entrepreneur himself, he never questions when I work long hours or don’t text back during the day. He asks questions about my business and remembers the little rambles I go on. In fact, he enjoys them.

He pays attention to the nerdy business things that bring me joy.  He even gifted me a year-long subscription to! (WE LOVE IT). 

He often offers advice in a way that still validates my talents and isn’t talking down to me or man-splaining. He respects me and wants to see me grow. He shows proactive interest in my business because he knows it makes me happy.

When dating, you need to  FEEL supported by any potential suitor. Do not settle for anything less.  

Dating often becomes a low priority when you are running a business. 

When you are passionate about your business, you are “all in”. There is always something to do. (Believe me, I spent the first 5 years of my business fighting guilt whenever I had “free time”. This led to some serious burnout). 

Dating can be hard to make priority. When you have a rebrand, new service launch, and marketing plan to execute (all that the same time!)… dating is not even remotely on the radar. Your dating life becomes secondary. 

When you do date, it is very intentional. 

When you finally get the time to schedule a weekend date, it can be SO special. You must set the intention and honor your boundaries so that you go to the date feeling relaxed, excited, and soft.  No one wants to date anyone who is anxious, stressed and only talks about work. 

 Dating with intention has been a big positive in my experience because I find myself looking forward to dates, phone calls, and outings as a way to step into my feminine, flirt, and enjoy the company of an attentive date.   Being present with another person is so refreshing after a long week. 

Dating gives me the opportunity to be more feminine since I spend the work week in my masculine energy being in-charge, delegating, and making impactful decisions in my business. Going on dates outside of work hours allows me to turn off my brain, let go of the hard, and live in softness.

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