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Insanely valuable all-inclusive monthly accounting & tax packages providing an immediate return on investment. Click the play button on the right for a short teaser of how we can help stop you from overpaying the IRS ever again.

What is Bundled Services?

Your one-stop-shop for all income tax, bookkeeping, payroll and accounting services for driven business owners who want to ensure the accounting system is operating efficiently and optimizing tax savings. That means meeting filing & payment deadlines, foundational and routine actions are checked-off. You, as the owner/CEO. have full confidence because you have a communicative, proactive CPA who you enjoy & trust.

“She met me where I was and guided me where I wanted to go. It is an investment for sure!”

– Ariana Gil
Leadership & Diversity Inclusion Consultant

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What is Included?

Our team of Accountants have over 50 years of combined hands-on experience and knowledge. As your Accountant, we will use our expertise to deep dive into your financial reports on a monthly basis to find opportunities to save and to reduce chances of having surprise taxes due at the filing deadline.

We will ensure your transactions are categorized correctly to accurately reflect your financial status. This will allow you to make strategic decisions in your business with full confidence!

If you are ready to delegate bookkeeping, payroll, tax return filings + receive maximum tax savings and year round support, then Bundled Services is perfect for you!

Investment begins at $2,000 per month. Cancel risk-free.
  • 💎 Business & personal Tax Prep + Filing
  • 💎 Quarterly estimated taxes
  • 💎 Three (3) Tax Strategy Planning sessions including a Year-End Planning session
  • 💎 Monthly Quickbooks Online Bookkeeping
  • 💎 Monthly Reconciliations of bank accounts & credit cards
  • 💎 Unlimited Communication & Email Support
  • 💎 Free access to Webinars
  • 💎 Annual Prepayment Discount of 5%
  • 💎 IRS Notice Response
  • 💎 24/7 Cloud To Gather, Organize, and Sign Tax Document
  • 💎 Separate Quote for amended returns & Clean-up of Books

Bundled Services is for you if:

  • You are ready to develop accounting and tax best practices, workflows and processes.
  • You want to delegate tax planning, quarterly estimates, and tax return filings to an expert.
  • You have outgrown your existing status as a sole proprietor or LLC and want to explore the tax savings of a corporation and desire to work with someone who can manage your corporate responsibilities year-round
  • Your business is grossing $20k to $50k months and you are finally ready to bring on a growth-focused CPA that aligns with your goals
  • You know you are overpaying significantly on taxes (like 5 figures too much!). Why? Because of fear of an IRS audit or just not having the right CPA on your team so you feel stuck and helpless
  • You need more than just an order taker; You are ready to partner long term with a tax strategist

Your business generates 6 or 7 figures In our current economic climate, you can’t afford to do nothing

Here’s why:

With Covid, a war, and economic recession in play, tax law has changed in the biggest way we’ve seen in over 50 years. Most accountants are not prepared. In fact, many are abandoning their clients and retiring in order to avoid the chaos and uncertainties that are now present. You want a full-time CPA who is ready, stays up-to-date on tax law and provides accurate work and can communicate and assist you accordingly.

Advantages to Our Clients





High-speed processing

High-speed processing

Strong focus on accuracy

Strong focus on accuracy

Highest levels of security

Highest levels of security

Increased  communication

Increased communication

“Beyond grateful to have Chika on my side. She treats any question or concern that I have with the same great level of attention. I can’t count how many times I’ve come to Chika with a request only to be received with positivity and care for myself and my business!”

– Gustavo B.


You deserve…

  • ⚡️ Ease and flow with your small business taxes
  • ⚡️ A supportive CPA that is on your team and will empower you to save the most on your taxes
  • ⚡️ Accounting & tax strategy that will lead to maximum tax savings month after month
  • ⚡️ Invest in your future and your present

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