Updated November 30, 2023


Is your small business ready for a monumental shift that could revolutionize its financial game? Enter the world of S-Corporations—an untapped potential that might just be the game-changer your business needs.


Unveiling the Mighty S-Corporation


Tired of perennially overpaying taxes? Ready to wield control over your finances and retain more of your hard-earned revenue? Meet the mighty S-Corporation! This powerhouse can save you thousands in taxes, redefining your business trajectory and securing a more prosperous future. Let’s dive into its potential together!


Understanding the S-Corp


The S-Corp (short for S-Corporation) is a recognized legal business structure by the IRS. This status offers a unique tax benefit, allowing taxation akin to a sole proprietorship rather than a corporate tax structure. This advantageous setup ensures that income generated by an S-Corp flows through to the owners’ personal income tax returns, often without Federal tax liability (varying by state).


Qualifications and Benefits Unveiled


The basic criteria for S-Corp eligibility involve being a USA corporation, having specific allowable shareholders, limited shareholder/owners count of 100, a single class of stock, and meeting specific entity restrictions. Crucially, if your business profits six figures and meets these requisites, electing S-Corp status could be a game-changer. Of course, every situation is different so definitely talk to your Accountant before making any changes.


Why S-Corp if I have an LLC?


Wondering why you need an S-Corp election if you already have an LLC shielding your personal assets? Electing to be taxed as an S-Corp doesn’t just offer legal protection—it ensures tax savings too. Picture this synergy: robust legal defense paired with exceptional tax advantages.


The Tax-Saving Marvel


No Corporate Tax: The most significant advantage! By allowing profits and losses to flow through personal income tax, S-Corps dodge the double taxation burden faced by regular C-Corps.


Reduced Taxable Gains: Filing as an S-Corp can significantly minimize taxable gains, a blessing for those planning to sell their business as part of a retirement strategy.


Startup Loss Write-offs: Early years in business often mean substantial expenses and losses. S-Corps allow these losses to offset personal income, resulting in substantial income tax savings—a perk not available to C-Corporations.


Let’s Crunch Some Numbers


In an example scenario, an online business generating $100,000 profit would face over $14,000 in self-employment tax as an LLC. Contrastingly, as an S-Corp, the owner would only owe $3,825 in employment tax, with the business responsible for $4,259 in taxes.


That’s a staggering $6,064 annual tax savings by choosing S-Corporation status over an LLC. Imagine this impact magnified year after year!



Transitioning to an S-Corp: It’s Easier Than You Think


Transitioning to an S-Corp need not overwhelm you. Your passion lies in your business, not in deciphering tax laws. Hiring a professional Accountant ensures a seamless S-Corp setup, allowing you to focus on your strengths—serving clients and business growth.


Ready to learn more?


Watch my S Corp Solution Masterclass, where we’ll dive deep into strategies for unlocking maximum tax savings and the power of electing S-Corp status.


In this 50-minute masterclass:

  • I’ll guide you through the details and provide you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions for your business.
  • You’ll learn when is the most opportune time to elect S-Corp status and the benefits that comes along with it.
  • You’ll also learn how we work with our clients year-round to ensure their financial success.



Don’t Navigate This Path Alone.


The shift to an S-Corp brings added filing and compliance responsibilities. Engage with a CPA to ensure it’s done right, paving the way for success, peace of mind, and maximum tax savings.


I want you to know that I’m here to help and support you every step of the way, no matter which step you’re currently on. Apply to work with me and let’s make magic happen for your business! ✨



Disclaimer: This blog is for educational and conversational purposes only. Emails, blog posts and social content from Obih Collective Inc. are not legal tax advice. Please consult a tax professional before making any tax decisions based on this information.

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