Tell me if this sounds familiar…

Picture this: It’s Thursday night and you’re at the office working late. The sun came down, this is your third cup of coffee today, your eyes are strained but you’re still glued to the computer typing away. There are several reasons why you’re in this position.

Maybe it’s because you’re making up for lost time since multiple clients turned in important documents you needed past deadline…

or you got to the office late that morning because you spent all night helping one of your kids with their school science project at the last minute…

or maybe you didn’t get much done today and you’re trying to compensate by staying at the office longer….

You already decided to cancel on meeting up with your friends for happy hour after work because there’s just no way you could leave the office in time. There’s just too much to do.

Pause. End picture.

I get it. I’m the exact same way – your business is your baby and you are willing to do anything to make sure you crossed all your t’s and dot all your i’s. The buck stops here. You’re the boss and this is what bosses do, right?

Wrong. There is always balance.

If you’re used to being the last person to leave the parking lot; if you have a gym membership but you never have time to work out; if this is the third egg McMuffin you’ve had for breakfast this week: you need better work life balance.

But don’t stress – I have 5 foolproof tips to help you reach that supreme balance.

1. Set work hours…and stick to them.

If you say “I’m only working from 8AM – 5PM today” then do it! It’ll be easier to stick to a schedule when you have a plan. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule but generally, you should go to work with an idea of how much time you want to spend working. If you don’t, you could end up working for far longer than what is healthy which could progress into bad habits.

2. Know your cash flow

*Insert name*, I’ll probably be shouting this from the rooftops until the day I die – it’s important that you keep track of every dollar coming in and out!

Cash flow is one of the biggest challenges facing small businesses. How are you going to know how many hours you can afford a virtual assistant for each week you’re not aware of your profits? How can you fit in vacations and breaks if you’re not maximizing your time?


3. Make your workspace your own.

You gotta take the appropriate time to make your space as welcoming as possible so that work isn’t as taxing on your body. Invest in an ergonomic chair, get all the tech accessories that make your life easier, and maybe even get a mini-fridge so you can sip on some rosé while working (trust me, I’ve done it…it’s awesome)

Get comfortable. Every penny you spent invested on your business and yourself will be worth it.


4. Don’t flake on working out

It’s easy to cancel the gym or your workout class, but don’t!

Think of going to the gym as a client meeting – would you cancel at the last minute just to catch up on some work? No! Your physical and mental health are top priorities. Working should be shaped around your health schedule and not the other way around.

Plus, exercise helps you stay focused and provide you with a fresh mind, which means you’ll work even more efficiently.


5. Develop hobbies or spend time doing things you love

Life is not all about work. Invest in hobbies so you have other things you do with your time. Make sure it’s something you love.

You might be wondering, how the hell would adding more things to my schedule help my work life? Well, you’ll be spending time doing things you love, which will naturally recharge you. It’s better to go to work happy and energized than exhausted. I promise you, if you do all these things, you will become a much happier person. And when you’re happier, everybody wins – you, your loved ones and your business.

To more money in our pockets,


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8 Easy & Effective Tax Write-Offs for Creatives & Service Providers

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