New Year’s resolutions get a lot of slack. Most people make new year’s resolutions and abandon them by March. If you are one of those people or know someone like this, you know how it goes:

New year, new me. 

I’ll start in the New Year

2020 will be different. 

Same old, same old. 

No matter your new year’s resolution history, everyone knows that this is a big one; it’s a new decade after all.

We all have visionary 2020 goals.. Think about how you started the last decade, did you ever expect to have done the things you did? We don’t know much, but it’s a 100% guarantee that the next ten years will harbor lots of changes to your life. There are places we will go, people to meet, accomplishments to be made, etc. It’s going to be a transformative time for everyone. 

Now you’re probably wondering why the hell I’m talking about new year’s resolutions when we still have over 30 days left in the old year. Well, what do you think the secret is sticking to them in the first place? 

Start them now.

You want to build muscle? Go to the gym today. You want to make more money? Start drafting a plan now. Do the planning and preparation stuff now, so you are ready to execute and hit the ground running come 2020. 

It’s the last month in the decade, ever. That’s major.  Even though temperatures are cooling down, you can call this time of the year The Warm Up. We’re still in our cocoons, but we’re also putting in work to burst out on the scene. 

The only way to make changes to your life is to work for them. It’s never too early (or late) to do that. 

Start the changes now. Work out the kinks in the remaining single month of 2019 and begin the decade fresh and recharged. Call this a trial month if you will. Whatever you call it, it doesn’t matter – just start. 


To more money in our pockets,



P.S. There will be some major changes made to my Facebook Group  this month. I’m taking some of my own advice and just going for it! I want to start the new decade fresh, so look out for some changes over the coming months.  If you are a badass business boss and haven’t joined the group, you know what to do.  😉

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