Hey Boss,

You may feel like you have to have to do everything required in your business in order to make it run successfully. 

But that’s because you don’t have a Virtual Assistant yet. 

Virtual assistants can be life changing for the average, stressed out small-time business owner. Some even specialize in marketing/PR, tech concerns or work specifically in your industry so they are more receptive to your needs. 

They charge accordingly, but it’s cheaper in the long run to outsource labor for tasks you are not particularly skilled in. Freeing up your time to focus on work that makes you more money is a Boss Move. 

How to get started 

First, make a list of your most time-consuming tasks that aren’t related to your line of work (I.E. most Lawyers don’t run the social media profile for their practice) Make sure you put the tasks you hate to do the most at the top of the list. Be honest about it. If you’re not sure, work the next week doing your regular work and pay special attention to things you drag on doing or spend a lot of time on.


Here are tasks you can assign your VA:

  • Answer and respond to emails or phone calls
  • Schedule or create social media posts
  • Manage your calendar 
  • Website upkeep 
  • Take in prospective client calls
  • Manage subscriptions and passwords
  • Manage email newsletter 
  • Handle baseline customer service 
  • Make your travel arrangements 

Where to find them

Virtual assistants can be found on freelance sites such as Fiverr.com or upwork.com and community opportunity sites such as Craigslist.. Sometimes, you can find someone through word of mouth so ask around your other business friends.

You should look for people who have a proven record of good organization, tech savvy and familiar with your business practices, or at the very least, willing to learn. 

To more money in our pockets,


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8 Easy & Effective Tax Write-Offs for Creatives & Service Providers

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