Is it just me or does this Mother’s Day feel weird? For a lot of you, this could be the first time you aren’t with your mom on this day or you can’t send her the type of gift you usually give her. Gone are spa days, movie dates, vacations…*sigh*

Quarantine has its limitations but you aren’t completely out of luck. There are some things you can do to show love to people you care about.  


Share love in their language

I’m sure you heard of the 5 Love Languages quiz? You might know yours or your partner’s love languages but it can be a useful tool with family and friends too since it doesn’t only apply to romantic relationships. Find a way to sneak this quiz to your friends or family to find what they value the most. 

If they appreciate quality time then have quality conversation on facetime or zoom. If they like gifts, send them a little something special in the mail. These are little things you can do to show love in the way they understand best. In the age of quarantine, creativity goes a long way.


Send them surprises in the mail

Right now the shipping situation is a little haywire. There is no predicting when things will get to the places they need to be and that’s understandable given the circumstances. However, that doesn’t mean you still can’t send little things in the mail to people you care about. Randomly send your loved one something functional like toilet paper or her favorite snacks. It will get there when it gets there – but they will surely appreciate it when it does. 


Do an activity together on video chat

Quarantine is the perfect time to invest in yourself (since our options are limited). I’m not saying you need to be this super productive worker-bee, but there’s nothing better than doing activities that improve yourself. Doing them with a loved one is double the fun.

Make a homemade hair mask, try a new product, start a 1-to-1 book club, cook a complicated recipe – it doesn’t matter, just do it together. You’ll feel less alone and closer to your loved one than ever. 


Things are weird and will remain weird for some time. Remember the important things like family and friends.  On Mother’s Day and everyday in between.  

With love,


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