Updated November 17, 2023


Thanksgiving week is looming on the horizon, and it’s more than just a countdown. It can be a bit of a tricky time, you know?


Regardless of how packed your schedule, there’s this unique kind of pressure nudging everyone to make an appearance.


Expectations are flying around, from spending time with family (which can swing from heartwarming to, well, a bit challenging 😅) to splurging on gifts for your loved ones.


Let’s be honest; the holidays can stir up quite a bit of stress.


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And then there’s this overall festive vibe in the air, which, let’s face it, can be a bit challenging to match when you’re laser-focused on pursuing your passion.


Sure, Thanksgiving is all about sharing gratitude…


But our hectic lives sometimes make it a bit tricky to step outside ourselves and fully embrace that kumbaya spirit. We all approach the holiday season differently—some of us with pure joy and others with a touch of cynicism.


Regardless of where you stand, I believe that in the true spirit of the holiday, we should seize this designated time to be thankful.


Now, I’m not here to lecture you.


I’m no guru claiming to have all the answers. That’s not why I’m here week after week. I won’t sugarcoat things just because the season calls for it. Heck, I’m not even sold on the idea of needing a holiday specifically dedicated to gratitude.


But, bear with me.


I’m thankful every single day, 24/7. Every second I invest in my dreams is a nod to a time when that wasn’t possible. Grateful for the journey so far, for the work that got me here, and for the future I’m shaping.


Above all, I’m grateful for my incredible circle—supportive, accomplished family and friends who keep me grounded. We share the highs and lows, celebrating together and lifting each other up.

I know I’m fortunate, and I don’t take that for granted.


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Entrepreneurs are a focused bunch.


Sometimes, those closest to us have to gently pull us back to the present. I get it; we business owners don’t exactly punch in and out.


But hey, most of your family and friends with regular jobs will likely have some time off. Take advantage of that. Spend quality time with the people who matter most.


Be generous with your time this Thanksgiving.


Help out in the kitchen, set the table, or tackle the mountain of dishes. Share your wisdom with younger siblings or lend an ear to an older relative’s stories. These moments are priceless, and sadly, it’s easy to take sentimental relationship-building moments for granted. Be there for the people who’ve always been there for you.


And most importantly, ask yourself—what are you thankful for every single day?


What’s that something (or someone) you consider yourself lucky to have every day? Remember it. Treasure it. Acknowledge it more than just one day a year.


Wishing you a fantastic and safe Thanksgiving holiday! 🩃🍁


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