Ready to save 5 figures in taxes a year in just 6 hours?

I customize tax strategy plans for service providers that sets them up for maximized tax savings and peace of mind.
What’s included in your

Tax Strategy Plan VIP Day?

A Tax Strategy Plan VIP Day is where I build out a tax plan customized to your 12 month business goals, 3 year life vision, all in 6 hours. I’ll only need your time and attention for 45 minutes during our kickoff zoom video call. Then we’ll say tah-tah and log off. That’s when I’ll go backstage to create your tax strategy plan using my 4-C framework.



  • In order to customize a tax strategy for you, I need to know your goals
  • Tell me about your 12 month business goals
  • You share with me your 3 year life vision (personal & business included)
Tax Strategy Plan VIP Day - Phase 2: Critique



  • You may feel judged during this phase, but I promise you it’s worth it
  • Analyze data from your past (up to) 3 years of tax returns
  • Review and break down the numbers of the last (up to) 3 years financial statements
  • Assess your current financial situation based on the historical data
Tax Strategy Plan VIP Day - Phase 2: Critique
Tax Strategy Plan VIP Day - Phase 3: Confirm



  • Now that I know your goals and your past, it’s time to plot your journey
  • Here I illustrate your tax transformation over the course of a 12 month period; from how things are now, to how things can be a year from now with just a few tweaks
  • You’ll discover that you actually have more control over your tax situation than you once believed. Time to get to werk!
Tax Strategy Plan VIP Day - Phase 4: Customize



  • We can’t create a tax strategy plan without phases 1, 2 and 3. Now that we’ve done the work, let’s make it werk.
  • We’ll create a calendar of important tax dates so you never miss a tax payment or filing deadline. Your Accountant no longer have to track you down at the final hour
  • Receive your customized tax strategy plan that clearly lays out what you need to do, recommended action timeline, and how much taxes you will save by implementing each strategy. Mic drop.
  • And no you don’t have to do it all yourself. Choose to work with your Accountant to manage and execute the implementation process. Or use the vetted List-o-Professionals that you’ll receive. You may choose to work with any one on the list to help you implement various parts of your tax strategy plan.
Tax Strategy Plan VIP Day - Phase 4: Customize
Wait, that was alot!

Can you sum it up and tell me exactly what I get please

Tell me your goals.
I’ll break down your historical tax return and financial statement numbers and tell you about yourself (I mean your numbers!)
See what tax transformation journey is ahead for you over the next 12 months.
Receive your tax strategy plan laid out in detail for you

“I’ve been able to save $15,000 for retirement each year.”

I hired Chika last Fall for a Tax Strategy Plan VIP Day and I’ve already seen the payoff. I’ve been able to save $15,000 for retirement each year. To think…ME…putting money away from MY future??!! The tax strategy plan Chika put together is truly a rinse and repeat system that I can put into play annually and save 5 figures in taxes year after year. Mind blown. I didn’t even know I had all that money to put away for my future. Now I’m dreaming of the luxurious life I will get to live in the next 25 years when I am happily retired.

– Joyce
Still have questions?

I’ve got answers!

How long is the VIP Day?
6 hours for me. Of that, I only require 45 minutes of your precious time to hop on a Zoom video call. Then I work my geeky tax magic behind the scenes. Voila! You’ll receive your tax strategy plan at the end of the day.
How early can I book my VIP Day date?
After your application is accepted (wooo!!), you’ll receive my calendar promptly after the invoice and contract are completed. These VIP Days truly are exclusive with limited availability as I take only 4 each month.
I have a Tax Preparer (or Accountant). Can I pay for a VIP Day but they show up in my place?
You’re in luck! Although the VIP Day is 6 hours long, I only need your time for just 45 minutes. I promise. Go ahead and put your assistant or Accountant to work when it comes to sending me the necessary documents. When the 6 hours is up and I’m done customizing your tax strategy plan, I can share the folder with you and up to 1 other email address of your choice. That way your Accountant has what they need to get you on your way to 5 figure tax savings.
What do we cover during the VIP Day?
I use a 4-C Framework that takes a holistic approach to creating a tax strategy plan for you. First you CHOOSE your goals. Then I CRITIQUE your prior 3 years of tax returns and financial statements. Once I’ve assessed your situation, I can then CONFIRM your tax transformation journey. And when it’s all said and done, you’ll have your CUSTOMIZED tax strategy plan all laid out and ready for you to implement to trigger all the tax savings.
Do you offer other services besides VIP Day?
At this time, the only way to become a client is by doing a VIP Day prior to any other offer. Once a client, I offer tax compliance and accounting services.

If a VIP Day is not a right fit for you right now and you are in need of tax preparation or accounting help, go ahead and send me a DM on Instagram or email me. I’ll be happy to provide referrals that fit your needs.

Are there payment plans available?
At least 50% of the invoice is due to book your VIP date.
The final balance is due 5 business days before your session
**Incentives available for pay-in-full option

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