Profit vs Growth…two business strategies many entrepreneurs are forced to choose between when they reach a certain point in their business. 

Large corporations are able to prioritize growth because they bring in enough profits to sustain themselves. This strategy allows them to slowly control a market with cheaper pricing because they can afford to sacrifice profits. A lot of startups use this model too because they (and investors) see the potential of their growth in the market now for profits later. 

Small and medium size businesses on the other hand may often choose profits over growth in their business strategy. This means they can make the most money in the present moment. This works for business owners who aren’t concerned with expanding or changing what they have set up. 

But what about someone who’s in the middle? You’re established and thriving, but you also know nothing in business is forever and you have to act quickly. You made it this far not because you sat around and did nothing.

You’re interested in growing but you’re not sure of the potential or where to start first. You also have bills to pay and mouths to feed so you don’t want to sacrifice what you’ve been earning too much.

So what do you do?  Profit or growth? 

Well…how about both? 

Full disclosure, I’m a profit and growth advisor. That’s right, you read right, profit AND growth.  I’m a firm believer in accomplishing both. I hate that entrepreneurs sacrifice one for the other when it’s possible to do both. Here’s my point of view I provide for my clients: 


  • Create a list of goals YOU want to achieve


      • This is not about what you should do or what others are expecting of you. It’s about what YOU want for your business and personal life. 


  • Analyze growth/profit potential 


      • Gathering expert knowledge on your options helps you make the best decisions


  • Make a plan


    • We made a list of goals, collected information and now it’s time to make an attack plan and take action. It’s that simple. 


That’s it. No more choosing between hiring that necessary team member or increasing profits – you can do both. You decide your major goals and we help you create the best plan to achieve those goals. 



P.S.  Is your business ready to take it to the next level? My Profit & Growth Advisory services are for businesses raking in half a million or more per year.  If you are killing it in your business but also find yourself working crazy hours to maintain the business, confused about the lack of available cash flow or dream about systematizing business operations so business runs as smoothly as possible, then let’s chat.  Just reply to this email with the words “profit and growth advisor.”.

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8 Easy & Effective Tax Write-Offs for Creatives & Service Providers

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