1:1 Profit Call

A 45 minute Strategy Chat

with Chika

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Does hearing that word make you want to pull out your hair?  

Do you get stuck with tax forms and financial statements to the point where you put it off until the absolute last second?

Are you struggling with understanding which business structure is the best choice for you?

Or do you simply want more clarity on what to do to keep more money in your business and pay less taxes to Uncle Sam? 

Then a 1:1 Profit Call is the answer. 

You might be wondering, what exactly is a 1:1 Profit Call?

A 1:1 Profit Call is a 45 minute strategy session for the business owner that is 100% serious about incorporating proven practices to increase your bottom line, reduce tax payments to the IRS in a way that will result in clarity, practical next steps, and measurable change in your business.  

The best news is that this 45-minute session can cover topics of your choosing! You read that correctly: the topics that make you sweat every time you think about it. 

This includes topics to help you figure out:


Should I form an LLC or corporation?


Did I do my prior year tax returns correctly?  We will review to give you peace of mind.


Answering your business tax and accounting questions that have stumped you;  the more you Google, the more you’re confused.

Tax planning tactics for the calendar year. Learn what should you be doing NOW to ensure you are on the right track LATER.

Review financial statements and tax returns and determine if items were forgotten or if changes are needed before you finalize them.


Business entity formation for tax savings. You’ve been a profitable sole proprietor or LLC for years, it may be time to level up and boost your profits in the process!

Can you please help me with everything?

I’m a CPA, not a magician.  That means there are some things I cannot help you with.  DO NOT book a call if you are requesting to chat about any of the following:

  • International Taxes (Only USA taxes)
  • State taxes (California is the only exception)
  • Trust & Estate Tax & Estate Planning
  • Commercial Real Estate Ventures
  • Venture Capital and IPO Endeavors
  • Financial Advisory issues
  • Legal Issues
  • Sales Tax, Excise Tax, Value-add Tax
  • Inventory and/or retail specific topics
  • Employment + Human Resources 
  • Payroll Tax Issues

If there is something you want to discuss but you’re unsure if it meets qualifications, simply email me at info@chikaobihcpa.com

Once the haze has passed and you’re in the clear, then go ahead and book your call with confidence.

No more confusion, frustration, fear, or apprehension when it comes to your business taxes. 

Schedule your chat and let’s conquer the hesitation together.

Here’s what will happen when you click the button…

1. You’ll be directed to the cart.

2. Go ahead and checkout, boss.

3. You’ll then receive an email to book a time for our Zoom call.

4. After you choose a time, you’ll then complete the intake form. 

5. That’s it!  You and I will have a Zoom date set to chat about your business.

To get the maximum value from our session:

1. Show up on time on Zoom.

2. Make sure you are on your computer, not your phone.

3. Have your questions ready.

4. Have any relevant documents up on your screen in case we need to do a Screen Share.

5. The topic of taxes can make folks snappy. Make sure you are well-rested, well-fed, and open-minded.

FINALLY! It’s time to say goodbye to tax dread and invest in your success (and sanity) today.

Get the clarity you’ve been seeking so you can put your business in a front-row position to hit your profit goals and maximize your tax savings.

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