Did Your Last Tax Bill Leave You Speechless?

Download the tax calculator and forever say goodbye to nauseating tax payments!

yes, gimme the tax calculator!

The easiest way for service-based business owners to…

Confidently know how much taxes to pay each quarter to cover your income. (An IRS requirement!)

Ensure you always have enough in your bank account to cover your tax billAvoid paying penalties & interest (which can add up to thousands!)Know how much to pay in taxes so you don’t owe (cheers to peace of mind)Steer clear triggering an IRS auditMake smart financial decisions so you know how much you have for fun after paying taxes.

“Chika drops the gems! The Quarterly Tax Calculator really helped me plan for my next price increase”


Hi There…

I’m Chika Obih, CPA and Tax Strategist for over 11 years

I teach service based business owners how to get smarter about their taxes so they can make money-generating business decisions with clarity and confidence to save THOUSANDS in taxes and have fun doing the things they enjoy.

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