We are entering week three of February. Can you believe it? Before you know it, you’ll be pulling out the short-shorts, slathering on sunscreen and laying out on the beach while sipping on a Titos Greyhound, extra Titos please!

Even though our minds try to trick us that we are in Jamaica lounging on Seven Mile Beach, the reality is grind season is still on.  ✅

It gets tough this time around, because you’ve been spending money and energy yet not seeing the results you hoped for. You’ve been putting in time and effort since January (or longer) but the intended end results you desire may feel like it’s still far away.

I know because I’m right there with you. 

I’m in the middle of making 2020 a monumental year for me but it still feels out of reach sometimes. I’m working on projects that both excite and frighten me. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and want to quit, but keep pushing through. 

Because right when I start to feel that way, something inside ignites me to keep going. Sometimes I struggle figuring out what my focus should be, what kind of clients should I serve, how to communicate value…the list goes on and on.   It can feel like things aren’t clicking and that no one is listening. But then, I got contacted by a couple different organizations and businesses to do some work I never even thought possible. This coming Friday, I’m co-presenting at the  Coalition of Black Excellence Summit on the topic: Investing in You: Smart Money & Tax Strategies to Create Generational Wealth. And there’s a few other local speaking engagements I have lined up in the upcoming months. To know I’m attracting the right people and opportunities makes me feel ecstatic.

I’m so excited and a little bit nervous, I won’t lie.  But these are all things I asked for, wrote about, and dreamed of years before.  I put in the work, stayed consistent in action, and things are manifesting in proper alignment because I am ready.  That saying, “stay ready so you don’t have to get ready” is true. Keep learning, keep growing, keep developing – NOW.  DOn’t wait for later. Be ready NOW so that when that door called opportunity comes knocking, you’ll be ready to say YES.   Stay tuned, ya girl is making 2020 one for the memory books. ✨

So keep on pushing through.  Keep climbing. Don’t let speed bumps that come along in life turn into roadblocks.  Stay in action and take things one day at a time. The beautiful thing about life is we can’t predict when things will turn around.  But if you stay in action, it’s inevitable that things will change for the better. Keep going sis, you got this!  

To more money in our pockets,



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8 Easy & Effective Tax Write-Offs for Creatives & Service Providers

8 Easy & Effective Tax Write-Offs for Creatives & Service Providers

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