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How to Pay Yourself More AND

Maximize Your Tax Savings

A Live Masterclass with

Chika Obih, CPA

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In this live Masterclass, you will…

…Unlock the secrets of consistent, reliable pay – while saving $25k or more in taxes! 

Exclusively held live on

Wednesday, September 21, 2022 at 11am PT

Don’t miss out!

Investment:  just $49 (valued at $250) for this transformational training

This training is for DRIVEN and DEDICATED entrepreneurs who are ready to systemize their tax & accounting strategy – so that they can pay themselves + effortlessly maximize their tax savings. 


The S-Corp Solution Masterclass is Where You’ll Learn:

During my interactive masterclass, where you’ll be free to fire away your questions, I’ll be focussing in-depth on the following incredibly important topics for entrepreneurs making $10k – $50k or more in monthly revenue:

How to know when it’s time to pay yourself wages and understanding the sweet spot salary that will save you the max in taxes

Why electing S-corporation is right for you – and how to strategically ensure you are saving at least 5 figures every year with an S-Corporation. 

Discover what you’re most likely doing wrong that is causing you to overpay in taxes.  Say goodbye to overwhelm, frustration and stress around your taxes.

Tax planning tactics for the calendar year. Learn what should you be doing NOW to ensure you are on the right track LATER.

How to step into your abundant CEO mindset and away from the hustle and overwhelm of not having a power partner numbers-person on your team.

What successful 6 & 7 figure service providers must do today to STOP giving away half their profits to the government and instead keep more money in their business the LEGIT way.


 “I really trust her knowledge and wisdom, and she is really good at what she does.”


Diversity Equity Inclusion Consultant

“She met me where I was and guided me where I wanted to go. It is an investment for sure!”


Leadership & Diversity Inclusion Consultant

“She’s amazing. She gave me a peace of mind when it comes to doing the right thing business wise. There was so many write offs I didn’t know I was able to take.


Beauty Technician

“Each year, she has helped with my taxes while also imparting information that I can use in the future. She is knowledgeable, responsive, approachable, and fun!


Education Consultant 

Your Host 

Chika Obih is an entrepreneur and Cali girl who eagerly spends her free time outdoors hiking, playing tennis, brunching and walking around her neighborhood.  

She is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in the state of California and works with business clients all over the USA.  She received her degree in Business with an Emphasis in Accounting from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley.   

After working for a BIG 4 Accounting Firm for a few years, she left to pursue her desire for flexibility to live life her way.  During this time, she traveled the world including Thailand where she became a certified bikram yoga teacher.  Chika came back to Cali renewed, refreshed, and ready to work for herself instead of going back to a corporate job. 

Over the past 12 years, Chika has served hundreds of clients to get their taxes in order leading them to understand what actions to take to ensure they were investing in themselves in a way that naturally resulted in substantial tax savings year after year. 

As a Virgo and INTJ with strong executing strengths, Chika is blessed to help people in a way that comes natural to her: organizing data, analyzing numbers, taking a curious approach to life, while being a key reason why those around her tend to successfully shine. 

Chika is passionate about helping service providers, coaches and creatives fearlessly transform their finances so they can live life on their own terms!


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“Beyond grateful to have Chika on my side. She treats any question or concern that I have with the same great level of attention. I can’t count how many times I’ve come to Chika with a request only to be received with positivity and care for myself and my business!”


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Only $49 (A value $250)

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