We get it. Taxes are a ball of confusion. Not to mention, a complete bore. But we both know how critical having some understanding of taxes will be to the success of your business. I’ve created a couple of resources to help your business.

Tax Strategy Plan VIP Day

How Would you Like to Walk Away with a Tax Plan that will keep 20-30% MORE money in your business EVERY year?

You read that right. In only ONE DAY, I will customize a Tax Strategy Plan for you that is not only aligned with your business goals but also your personal life goals. Because let’s face it, we don’t just want more money to invest back into our business. We want more money to travel, give our kids the life we never had, and indulge in the finer things from time to time.

Imagine having a tax strategy plan customized to your business and lifestyle goals. What will you do with an extra 20-30% of tax savings? If your business is earning multi 6 and 7 figures annually, then we need to have a conversation. When you book a free discovery call with me, we will lay out the possibilities and discuss if a tax strategy plan makes sense for you. I’m gonna guess that saving 20 – 30% in taxes EVERY YEAR makes sense to you. If you are serious about increasing your cash flow, maximizing your bottom line and leaving a legacy for your (future) children and children’s children, then tax planning is for you. We need to talk!

Tax Preparation Services

A Referral For You

We are not currently offering tax preparation services at this time. We understand this is tax season and you may be in the hunt for a reputable tax professional to help you file your tax returns. Feel free to contact Curtis & Associates for your tax and accounting needs, both personal and business. Brenda Curtis E.A. offers “highly thorough, dependable, and effective” services. She is committed and a great communicator. You can tell her I sent you!

1:1 Profit Call

A 45 minute Strategy Chat with Chika

Are you a business owner confused on the what, why and how of your tax obligations? Or have you been considering forming an LLC or corporation but not sure which is best for your situation? You may just want to lay out your tax woes to a CPA who can provide you with some clarity and next steps. You can pick my brain and solve your tax confusion by booking a call today.

I run a tax & accounting firm while also teaching Bikram Yoga. I have spent over a decade working with businesses and I know it’s possible to work with a CPA who has the chops to nerd out over your taxes and accounting while also cool enough to lounge with at a bottomless mimosa brunch.


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