​When is the last time you stopped to take time to reflect on your past accomplishments.  In this world of go, go go — we have become horrible at taking a break to pat ourselves on the back for past wins.  As we enter a new decade (hello 2020), it is imperative to take a moment and look back. Entering a new decade is no easy feat, especially with all the chaos and tragedies happening in the world.  Even while I am on family vacation right now, I found a quiet spot in the Temecula Airbnb to reflect on the past 10 years. And as I reflect, I see that, damn — I’m a badass bitch despite the many many many goals that I have yet to accomplish.  In a means to inspire greatness and motivate you to keep attacking your goals, keep reading below to learn how my 10 most important moments these last 10 years can inspire transformation for you in 2010. 

1. Quit My Corporate Job

At the ripe age of 25 I said deuces to a corporate job that offered security, benefits and upward mobility.  Why? My stress and anxiety was through the roof causing a 25 lb weight gain and hair loss plus my heart wasn’t in it.  So in 2010 I took a chance on me, and never looked back.

2. Became a Certified Bikram Yoga Teacher

Soon after quitting my job, a couple friends and I went to our first ever hot yoga class.  That class nearly killed me (it was sooooo hard) but something weird happened that night. I felt a zen-like aura around me.  Like there was a newfound clarity I never felt before; as if the universe was telling me “Chika I got your back — keep taking chances, you’ll be alright”.  Not to mention, I had the best sleep ever that night. 18 months later, I spent 9 weeks in Thailand to become a Certified Bikram Yoga Teacher. Now I teach a few classes a week and practice four times a week.  Yoga is the perfect compliment to a type A perfectionist like me.

3. Received my CPA

In college, I knew that I was going to be a business woman.  After my internship at a Big Four public accounting firm, I knew I was going to become a Certified Public Accountant.  Yep I’m a numbers nerd and proud of it. Even when I side-stepped to try to replace my Accounting career with being a Health Wellness Coach back in 2011,  the numbers kept bringing me back.  I’m thankful to have listened and my clients love me for it surely.

4. New Beau, who dis?

I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T do you know what that mean?  Mannn that song was my life!  Never did I purposely ever try to be a woman who never needed a man or a romantic relationship.  In fact I have been blessed to be able to date wonderful successful men throughout the years. But the one constant:  none of those guys ever amounted to a meaningful relationship. Either communication died, one of us got too busy, we just lost interest — or all of the above.  But something crazy happened this past year:  I opened my heart and mind to dating with intention.  And then entered my life a man who matches my style:   he’s patient, handsome, smart, thoughtful, funny, with a sprinkle of quirkiness that makes him jusssst right for me. I look forward to stepping into this new decade with him to grow, learn, and enjoy new experiences with each other.

5. Community Service with NABA

NABA is the National Association of Black Accountants.  I have been a part of this amazing nonprofit organization since my college years and have served on the Bay Area San Francisco board since the start of my career over a decade ago.  Giving back to my community in the form of providing scholarships to deserving future black accountants, celebrating black businesses in the community, and putting on professional development events to encourage black professionals to invest in their careers, finances, and self — has been pivotal in my own success.  It shows that my life is bigger than me — it gives me purpose to continue to serve and make a difference.

6. First Solo Vacation

For the longest, I’ve been scared to travel solo.  As a woman, I fear the worst. But sooo many women travel alone so I really didn’t have a good reason.  So I set aside my fear and took a solo birthday vacation to Sacramento this past September.  Yep it was only a 90 minute drive from where I reside. But it still counts!  For 3 nights, I stayed at a beautiful Kimpton hotel and pampered myself with 3 course dinners, in-room massages, endless cocktails and bubble baths.  And it was heavenly.

7. Learned to Say No

Is this you: you vow to never do that thing you hate doing but then someone asks you to do that thing you hate doing and with little hesitation, you say yes.  Then you quickly have an internal fight in your head mad at yourself for saying yes to that thing you vowed never to do. For the longest, this was me.  I was a people pleaser to the tenth power.  And it made me miserable. I wanted to be less miserable so then one day I said no to a request.  Yes I felt bad in the moment. That moment lasted only for like a half hour until I moved on to the next thing on my agenda.  Then I felt good. In fact, because I said no, a new opportunity that I actually wanted, presented itself to me. And I had capacity in my schedule to say yes.

8. Invested in My Professional Development

So I’ve always generally invested in my professional development i.e. going to networking events,  serving on the NABA board, going to continuing education events to keep my CPA current etc. However 2019 was a HUGE year of professional development for me. I invested over $40,000 in 2019 to up-level my mind, business and self.   Why? I got tired of doing things the same way and seeing small returns.  I wanted to level-up my business and challenge myself to attract and service million dollar business clients and also grow my business to 7 figures as well.  It’s easy to talk yourself out from investing in yourself. But where does that leave you? 2019 I planted the seed that will sprout into flourishing success in 2020.  Watch.

9. Curated an online Boss Community of over 800 entrepreneurs

Late 2018, I did a thing dear to my heart.  Yes my introverted, anti-social, private self opened up and put myself out there to grow a facebook community of over 800 (mostly women, heyyyy) entrepreneurs all over the world.  We have business in common with a desire to grow our bottom line while running a business in accordance to correct tax and accounting law.  We inspire each other, we ask questions, we get answers, and we stay in implementation mode to make our dreams a reality. Yes I was scared but this magical community is undeniable.  And to think, getting out of my comfort zone made all the difference. 

10. Up-leveled my business to Service Million Dollar Companies

I’ve been a CPA since 2009. And have been my own boss since 2010.  Since that time, I have served hundreds of individuals and small businesses providing income tax compliance and consulting services.  But this past year, I felt like it was time to take things up a notch.  To move from behind the computer screen and put myself in front of million dollar service-based businesses to help them up-level their businesses and achieve their goals.  I went back to the books and learned about value-add Advisory services. Why? Because I was tired of playing the defensive CPA who only worked with clients after the year was over.  Getting in front of my business clients on a monthly basis where we discuss long term goals and implement them one at a time month by month helps to transform actions into increased profit.  This is my calling, this is what im passionate about. Chika Obih, CPA: Profit & Growth Advisor.

“Step into the greatness that was always inside of you.”

Wow that’s a lot.  Going into 2020, I realize that the foundation has been set for me to go forward and achieve whatever successes I desire.  The same goes for you. Put a decades list together and see if you don’t get inspired to be great in 2020. Use that list to fuel you to action — continuous action.  If there is something blocking that greatness, what can you do to change it? Do not settle for excuses, reasons, and buts. Step over those blockers and make it work.

Cheers to 2020 greatness,


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