So many women entrepreneurs make this one mistake. 

They refuse to ask for help.  Instead, they choose to work alone. 

When I say ask for help, I’m not talking about hiring staff. Sure, it’s nice to have help, but that’s not it. Even with a staff, you may find yourself working alone and let me tell you, it’s a disservice.

Working alone means working without inspiration, connection, and mentorship. How much do you think your business will grow without any of these things?

Here’s a hint – it won’t.

You need support.  As a woman, you are part of a community of beautiful people that want to help you. You don’t even know half of these women yet, but they’re out there.

Leveraging your relationships, both personal and business, helps your business thrive and not just in numbers, but in the way you run your business too. 

So who should you tap into? Who should be a part of your entrepreneur networks?


  • Your mentor – We all have idols or mentors in our personal lives. It’s time to have one in your business life. Who do you want to be when you ‘grow up’? That should be your mentor – the person you strive to be like. Get to know her, all her nuances, and what made her so successful.


  • Your business coach – Why reinvent the wheel when you could have a business coach guiding you along? Business coaches have been there – they’ve been through the ups and downs and they’ve seen A LOT. And if you don’t have one, take your time in picking.  The right business coach will transform your life like you never thought was possible.  So take your time when deciding.  Choose the coach that resonates with you and learn from her.


  • Your social media friends – No one goes harder for you than a social media friend you’ve never met.  Boy ain’t this the truth!  Follow those that inspire you – see what they’re up to and even interact with them. You can learn A TON just from using social media and interacting with women you may not have ever met in your lifetime. Take advantage of it.


Women need community when they run a business and not because they’re not good at it, but because as women, we thrive on relationships. Turn to those that have success; turn to those in your industry – ask questions, get advice, and learn as much as you can. Your business will prosper just with this simple act if you open up your heart and give it a fair chance.


Keep rising,



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