Finance is an umbrella term in the world of money management. Successful business owners often have multiple experts working together in their finance teams.  You may be thinking welp, I don’t even have one person on my finance tea. Please don’t let that pressure you. The most important point is that quality beats quantity. It may not make fiscal sense for a small business to have a five person financial team on the payroll, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest in developing a robust financial support system. 

The details get murky – who does what and when and how? The following will clear up some key high-level finance professionals that growing business owners should consider adding to their team. Whether you have all three or just one, you are setting up a strong foundation for your financial future to flourish.


A CPA is an accountant that is licensed to provide accounting services to the public. They generally work with tax compliance, audits and consulting. The main difference between CPAs and accountants is that the former typically has more expertise and must go through a state-wide certification and continuing education therefore may be able to serve those with more complex accounting needs. 

Who uses a CPA/Accountant? 

Anyone can hire an accountant or CPA – for business or for individual needs.. Whether it’s for tax strategy, audits, accounting/bookkeeping, or other financial compliance related matters, an Accountant would be the person to help with such service needs.  

Financial Planner

Financial planners use their knowledge and expertise to provide financial plans on a professional or personal context. Though not the same, financial advisors can provide the same services but they take it a step further because they have the accreditation to assist with trading stocks and other securities. 

Who uses a financial planner?  

If growing your money now and for the future is important to you (which it should be!) then a financial planner or advisor may be beneficial for you. You can even hire an advisor who works within your industry so they can give specified predictions and advice. Whether you have personal or business goals in mind, working with a financial planner is a valuable investment to consider. 

Profit and Growth Advisor 

A Profit and Growth Advisor is like your business partner. Their knowledge spans beyond taxes, accounting, and planning.  In fact, they work with you on a continuous basis to help you reach your business and personal goals. What is your 3 year plan?  WHat are your goals for the next 12 months? What action items are key to focus on in the next quarter? A Profit & Growth Advisor learns your desires, struggles, challenges and then strategizes a plan so you can tackle the obstacles that have been holding you back from growing the business and increasing profits.  

Who uses a Profit & Growth Advisor?

Profit & Growth Advisors are for business owners who are serious about doing the work, showing up and cultivating change.  THese professionals are truly an investment therefore they are selective with the businesses they work with. Generally businesses that have reached or close to reaching $500k to 1 million in annual revenue are prime candidates for this type of Advisor to transform into multi million dollar companies.  Freeing up cash flow in the business in order to invest in revenue-generating projects, win lucrative contracts, and receive competivie bank loans are just some of the problems a Profit & Growth Advisor can help a company solve.They’re kind of like a jack-of-all trades. 

Hopefully this clears up a few things  for you as it relates to understanding what CPAs, Accountants, Financial Planners, and Profit & Growth Advisors do and how they may be able to assist you in your business. Hit reply and tell me:at this stage in your business, who do  you need to hire? 


To more money in our pockets,


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