Women who stand up are constantly told, stop being so bossy.  But nope, you got it wrong: we are leaders.   Oftentimes, we women are natural-born leaders.  But let’s be real:  today’s events highlighting racial injustice can make even the strongest feel weak. The racial injustice going on knocks people to their knees. But let me tell you – now is the time to be strong and show up.   

Remember, you started your business to serve your community, don’t let today’s happenings stop your efforts.

Black Women Leaders must Stand Tall

It’s not easy for black women entrepreneurs and women of color to stand their ground, but it’s important. History and male dominance have made it that way.  However, now is a time to take a stance. Show the world what you are capable of and why black women leaders deserve positive attention today. Let the injustices fall apart – let the truth ring out.

Using your leadership status, you can stand up for the injustices.  Allowing the inequities to beat you down and run you out of business only furthers the injustice. Let’s use this time to take a stance. Show the world what you are capable of and let your actions speak loudly.  The community is watching proudly. 

Speaking Up Shows Who Your True Fans Are 

Here’s the fact of the matter. When you speak up, you speak your truth. If you lose customers, they aren’t your true fans. Do you want customers that don’t stand behind you? Clients who don’t really support you? Is money worth giving up your values? I don’t think so and I know you don’t either.

When you find your fans, serve them with a grateful heart. Be everything that they need and more – showing your community what you are truly capable of. Now is not the time to sit back and do nothing. It’s a time to speak up – speak your mind, participate, show folks your character by expressing your truth.

When you show your true abilities and your truth, you earn the customers you have. Not only will they be one-time customers giving your business a boost – they’ll be customers for life. You’ll bond on a completely different level than you would by just providing your product or service. When you bond for a just cause, you’ll quickly earn loyalty.

What Do You Want Your Life Story to Be? 

Are you going to sit back and let injustice silence you in fear of losing customers or will you stand tall? Are you ready to be a leader – the leader you’re meant to be? Are you ready to use your business to make a stance in the community? And when in doubt or feeling defeated, channel your inner Beyoncé: step up and take the lead.


With Love,


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8 Easy & Effective Tax Write-Offs for Creatives & Service Providers

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