I want to remind you that this is NOT a drill. When your cash flow is tight, it’s not the time to play the small. This is not the time to fall back and get stressed or neglect taking care of yourself. This is crunch time. 

We do not feel sorry for ourselves. We don’t complain. And we most certainly don’t let our fear stop us from reaching our goals. 

My business owner friends echo these sentiments often – if something is not how you want it, put everything into changing that reality. It’s all you can do. 

If you are struggling with cash flow, don’t shrink yourself. Don’t make excuses about what you can and can’t do. Most importantly, don’t let your ego convince you that you’re not capable of greatness. You are worthy of success. You can do this. 

We all have off days. Sometimes we struggle with believing in ourselves and it’s hard to keep going. Sometimes we just don’t feel like working. Your number one task is to fight that. 

It’s not going to be an overnight thing – this is for life. Once you understand there’s beauty in the journey and not the destination, you will enjoy overcoming hurdles and be ready to take on the next one.

I remind myself often that I have to keep going because the goal keeps changing; there’s no magic ‘stopping point’. Some successful people spend their whole lives working toward one goal, achieve it and then they spiral. The best way to remedy that is to stop putting so much focus on one grand idea, and never stop working on your passion. Do it because you love it and fulfills you. 

Write your goals down and stick to them. Get those clients. Get your check. Investing in yourself means prioritizing your future. 


To more money in our pockets,


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