Ready to save 5 figures in taxes a year in just 6 hours?

I customize tax strategy plans for service providers that sets them up for maximized tax savings and peace of mind.
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Filing a tax return is not the way to tax savings

What you need is a tax strategy customized to your business and personal goals. You probably never heard anything like this from your Accountant.

It allows you to save 5 figures a year in just 6 hours

If this seems crazy to you, then you’re exactly who should be reading this.

Because let’s be honest, you’ve known that something just doesn’t feel right every time you cut that extra large check to Uncle Sam

Chika was able to get Ariana $28,142 in tax savings

“I can’t tell you how much I appreciated this in depth and personalized experience”

Chika was thorough and patient, answering even the questions I asked over and over with a smile on her face. She met me where I was and guided me where I wanted to go. It is an investment of time and money for sure! AND, I feel confident it is one that will continue to benefit me for years to come. As a relatively new business owner having a foundational tax plan I didn’t have to “DIY” really offers me peace of mind. And let me tell you, peace of mind is priceless.


– Ariana

You started your business to do the work you are a genius at, help your clients, and create a life aligned with your passions and desires.

The life where you geek out on the fun side of business, travel, or chill by the beach while sipping a mai thai. Not the life where you’re haunted by thick IRS notices that come in the mail, afraid to open it up because you know they want to increase your taxes by a few thousand MORE and your rent is due. You only have enough in the bank account for one of the two and mama needs a place to rest her busy head at night.

My clients felt this way only after a few years into their business and I knew I had to make a change for them to ease their woes. What did I do? I created a Tax Strategy Plan VIP Day for business owners just like you and BOOM – both their bank account and namaste-energy levels immediately increased exponentially.

Shifting the way I worked with my clients from only offering tax preparation services, to now offering Tax Strategy Plans in the form of a VIP Day – shifted my business and life because it transformed my client’s finances in such an impactful way — all in just 6 hours; not even a full work day!


Stressing to service providers why a Tax Strategy was CRUCIAL to business success and longevity allowed them to take a chance and say YES to receiving a customized tax strategy plan. Their yes turned into EMPOWERMENT.

Empowerment to take control of their business finances which empowered their life, their business, their legacy, my life and the opportunity for success for service providers. A tax transformation empowers clarity, action, and results.

“I’ve been able to save $15,000 for retirement each year.”

I hired Chika last Fall for a Tax Strategy Plan VIP Day and I’ve already seen the payoff. I’ve been able to save $15,000 for retirement each year. To think…ME…putting money away from MY future??!! The tax strategy plan Chika put together is truly a rinse and repeat system that I can put into play annually and save 5 figures in taxes year after year. Mind blown. I didn’t even know I had all that money to put away for my future. Now I’m dreaming of the luxurious life I will get to live in the next 25 years when I am happily retired.

– Joyce
What’s included in your

Tax Strategy Plan VIP Day?

A Tax Strategy Plan VIP Day is where I build out a tax plan customized to your 12 month business goals, 3 year life vision, all in 6 hours. I’ll only need your time and attention for 45 minutes during our kickoff zoom video call. Then we’ll say tah-tah and log off. That’s when I’ll go backstage to create your tax strategy plan using my 4-C framework.



  • In order to customize a tax strategy for you, I need to know your goals
  • Tell me about your 12 month business goals
  • You share with me your 3 year life vision (personal & business included)
Tax Strategy Plan VIP Day - Phase 2: Critique



  • You may feel judged during this phase, but I promise you it’s worth it
  • Analyze data from your past (up to) 3 years of tax returns
  • Review and break down the numbers of the last (up to) 3 years financial statements
  • Assess your current financial situation based on the historical data
Tax Strategy Plan VIP Day - Phase 2: Critique
Tax Strategy Plan VIP Day - Phase 3: Confirm



  • Now that I know your goals and your past, it’s time to plot your journey
  • Here I illustrate your tax transformation over the course of a 12 month period; from how things are now, to how things can be a year from now with just a few tweaks
  • You’ll discover that you actually have more control over your tax situation than you once believed. Time to get to werk!
Tax Strategy Plan VIP Day - Phase 4: Customize



  • We can’t create a tax strategy plan without phases 1, 2 and 3. Now that we’ve done the work, let’s make it werk.
  • We’ll create a calendar of important tax dates so you never miss a tax payment or filing deadline. Your Accountant no longer have to track you down at the final hour
  • Receive your customized tax strategy plan that clearly lays out what you need to do, recommended action timeline, and how much taxes you will save by implementing each strategy. Mic drop.
  • And no you don’t have to do it all yourself. Choose to work with your Accountant to manage and execute the implementation process. Or use the vetted List-o-Professionals that you’ll receive. You may choose to work with any one on the list to help you implement various parts of your tax strategy plan.
Tax Strategy Plan VIP Day - Phase 4: Customize
Wait, that was alot!

Can you sum it up and tell me exactly what I get please

Tell me your goals.
I’ll break down your historical tax return and financial statement numbers and tell you about yourself (I mean your numbers!)
See what tax transformation journey is ahead for you over the next 12 months.
Receive your tax strategy plan laid out in detail for you

Ching ching, bring on the tax savings!

Your Life Before VIP Day!

  • Your calendar is packed but your tax bill is wack
  • Forget to make timely quarterly tax payments because no one reminds you
  • Purposely skip out on making tax payments because bank account is on E
  • Missing out on family and friends events because you waited to the last minute to get your tax stuff done now have to pull an all-nighter
  • Frustrated and overwhelmed whenever tax season comes around
  • Pay an Accountant to do your taxes yet they can care less to take your calls or answer your emails
  • Doing your own taxes based on some generic software who doesn’t know you or your business therefore leaving you confused, nervous and anxious about the results
  • Google “how to save more money on taxes” and find trash search results that lead you down a time sucking rabbit hole
  • You have no consistent sure tax strategy so every year you are unpleasantly surprised by how much your tax debt is

Your Life After VIP Day!

  • You know exactly what to do each quarter to save thousands in taxes every year
  • You know your numbers and don’t have to think about your bank account balance before buying a program or offer that will surely result in a worthwhile return in your investment.
  • Daydreaming about what you get to do with all that new found money in your bank account
  • You feel like you are a total badass boss who’s got a fire bank account to match. Hey now!
  • You’ve become known in your circle of entrepreneurs for having a Tax Strategy because you can’t help yourself but shout to the rooftops about the clarity, ease and financial investments you now have
  • You prioritize your family, friends, hobbies, weekends that allow you to travel (without thinking about work) and treat yourself with self-care galore
  • You contribute the max to your retirement accounts which used to be a “I wish” goal of yours. Now you do it effortlessly.
  • You hire a full-time team without apology or fear to generate more time AND money
  • You glow girl! You are no longer passive or reactive when it comes to the IRS, tax deadlines, or tax bills. Assertive and proactive is how you roll.

Apply Below

I am soooo freakin excited to see if you’re a good fit to save you thousands in taxes with a tax strategy plan VIP day. Please take less than 10 minutes to complete the form below so I can learn more about you! Give as much explanation and details as possible. This is your chance to make an impression and let me know if you’re the right person to undergo a complete tax transformation.


You’re A Good Fit If…

  • You’re a full-time or seasoned service provider
  • Your business is a sole proprietorship, independent contractor, LLC, or S-Corporation
  • Your business generates 6 figures in revenue OR at least $40,000 in profits (revenue minus expenses) annually
  • You’re sick and tired of feeling squeezed for money to pay you taxes even though your revenue grows year after year. Something’s gotta give!
  • You’re ready to create a tax strategy plan that will lay out what to do so that you can implement it with your Accountant or team
  • You want a clear strategy and plan for your taxes. No more surprise tax bills and crazy tax debt!
  • You are tired of getting the run-around from your Accountant whenever you ask about additional tax savings and tax deductions. You deserve answers to your questions.
  • You want more time and money freedom to do the things you love instead of stressing over taxes
  • You trust and believe that if you show up with an open mind, do the work, and implement the strategies, you will reap the tax savings rewards. Results require action.
  • You’re ready to take a proactive approach to your taxes by doing what’s needed now — before the calendar year is over and tax filings are due.
Ready to dive in?

Booking your VIP Day is simple

Fill Out Your VIP Day Application

Super simple to fill out. Let’s make sure tax savings is in your immediate future!

Do a Quick Callwith Me

Once your application is approved, you and I will Zoom. Basically, we just need to make sure we’re a good match!

We’ll create your Customized Tax Strategy Plan

Schedule your VIP Day and get this party started!

“I see it as an investment in my business”

Wow it’s been 3 months since working with Chika and I’m so glad I did. The results are still rolling in: Based on my tax plan that Chika customized with my business and personal goals, I hired my first employee: my 16 year old daughter! At first I was concerned she would be too distracted by her phone to really put in the 15 hours per week to do data entry and admin. But she has surprised me: she comes into the office EARLY and takes the initiative in executing her tasks. I’ve been such a proud mom seeing her dedication and focus shine through. She loves taking on the new responsibilities. I’m using her salary to help fund her college tuition (Stanford ain’t cheap!). Annnd I get to write off these costs as business deductions. I see it as an investment in my business, my kid’s future and our family legacy. I’m more motivated to put in my all when it comes to my business. All because of a tax strategy plan – who knew?!

– Maria

Apply Today for your Tax Strategy Plan VIP Day

Still have questions?

I’ve got answers!

How long is the VIP Day?
6 hours. Of that, I only require your presence via Zoom during the kick-off of our day: which is roughly 45 minutes. This is when we kick things off and I ask you a few clarifying questions based on the Prework you would have completed. Once everything is clear, we sign off the Zoom. That’s when I work my geeky tax magic behind the scenes. Voila! You’ll receive your tax strategy plan at the end of the day.
What do you need from me before the VIP Day?
I designed this VIP Day with your peace of mind being my top priority (as well as max tax savings!). To take the stress and nervousness away, I designed a Prework Questionnaire for you to complete a week prior to your VIP Day. You have substantial time to answer the questions and provide your tax returns and financial statements or spreadsheets. With your detailed answers in hand, I’m then able to strategically and efficiently customize a tax plan that will result in at least 5 figure tax savings.
How early can I book my VIP Day date?
After your application is accepted (wooo!!), you’ll receive my calendar promptly after the invoice and contract are completed. These VIP Days truly are exclusive with limited availability as I take only 4 each month.
I have a Tax Preparer (or Accountant). Can I pay for a VIP Day but they show up in my place?
You’re in luck! Although the VIP Day is 6 hours long, I only need your time for just 45 minutes. I promise. Go ahead and put your assistant or Accountant to work when it comes to sending me the necessary documents. When the 6 hours is up and I’m done customizing your tax strategy plan, I can share the folder with you and up to 1 other email address of your choice. That way your Accountant has what they need to get you on your way to 5 figure tax savings.
What do we cover during the VIP Day?
I use a 4-C Framework that takes a holistic approach to creating a tax strategy plan for you. First you CHOOSE your goals. Then I CRITIQUE your prior 3 years of tax returns and financial statements. Once I’ve assessed your situation, I can then CONFIRM your tax transformation journey. And when it’s all said and done, you’ll have your CUSTOMIZED tax strategy plan all laid out and ready for you to implement to trigger all the tax savings.
Do you offer other services besides VIP Day?
At this time, the only way to become a client is by doing a VIP Day prior to any other offer. Once a client, I offer tax compliance and accounting services.

If a VIP Day is not a right fit for you right now and you are in need of tax preparation or accounting help, go ahead and send me a DM on Instagram or email me. I’ll be happy to provide referrals that fit your needs.

What is the investment for a VIP Day?
he investment is mid- 4 figures. The return on investment I’ve seen with clients has been between 5X – 24X the cost of a VIP Day. When you apply for a VIP Day, if the ROI isn’t there, I won’t waste your time or money. So you can apply knowing that Chika will only approve your application if the ROI is there.

And remember, this is a tax write-off!

Are there payment plans available?
Pay in full to secure your VIP Day


2-pay option available: 50% of the invoice is due up front. And the remaining balance due 30 days after.

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